Fixation of QuickBooks Crashes when Exporting to Excel

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If you are getting QuickBooks desktop crashes when exporting report to Excel worksheet issue then this article will help you. Keep reading..!

QuickBooks Desktop is one of the most popular accounting software packages used by businesses worldwide. It is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their finances efficiently. One of the essential features of QuickBooks Desktop is the ability to export reports to Excel worksheets. However, users may encounter an error when trying to export a report to Excel, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

QuickBooks suffers from recurring crashes when exporting reports to Excel. This error may be caused due to  mismatch/incompatibility between Excel and QuickBooks. There may be a possibility that Excel suffered from some corruption. Besides these causes, there can be other factors behind the issue which we shall discuss in the next section. In this post, we have discussed about the QuickBooks Desktop crashes when exporting report to Excel worksheet error. Thus, keep reading!

Factors that lead to QuickBooks crashes when exporting reports to excel

Sometimes, QuickBooks Desktop crashes when exporting reports to Excel because of the company file's size. If your company file is too large, it can cause issues when exporting reports from QuickBooks Desktop. You can try reducing the size of your company file by archiving old transactions, deleting unused lists, or creating a new company file with a fresh start. Other possible causes are as:

  • The version of QuickBooks you're using right now is out of date.
  • QuickBooks isn't activated, so you can't send info to Excel from it.
  • The File registry is facing some issues.
  • QuickBooks Desktop not updated to the latest version.
  • S Excel files may be corrupted.
  • QuickBooks Desktop wasn't set up correctly on the system.

Procedure to troubleshoot QuickBooks crashes while exporting reports to Excel

It is essential to troubleshoot the issue thoroughly to fix the error. You can start by trying some basic troubleshooting steps such as repairing or reinstalling Microsoft Office or QuickBooks Desktop, reducing the size of your company file, running a system file checker scan, or updating your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version.

Solution 1: Inspect compatibility between QuickBooks and MS Excel

  • Log in to your QuickBooks account.
  • Check the current version of QuickBooks by hitting the F2 key.
  • Also, check the version of Excel. Then check if both of them are compatible. If there is an incompatibility issue, then set up the version of QuickBooks which is compatible with Excel.

Solution 2: Make a dummy employee

  • Go to the Edit menu and click on the Preferences tab.
  • Head to "Payroll Employees."
  • Then, go to the Company Preferences section.

  • Now, choose the "Full Payroll" option.
  • Create a dummy employee.
  • Finally, set up a new account for QuickBooks Online.


This discussion on how to fix QuickBooks Crashes while exporting Reports to Excel problem should help readers in resolving the issue. If you are still facing the error and want its quick resolution, just reach out to our QuickBooks desktop error support experts at 1-800-761-1787.