Touchless Kitchen Faucet suppliers

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Touchless Kitchen Faucet suppliers The Automatic kitchen Mixer(LC565000CP-1) is a pull down kitchen faucet. The usual functions: are included on the spray head with spray, and stream modes available at your fingertips. The water flow limit is nice and high at 1.8GPM and the rate of water consumption is the same. Surprisingly, the warranty also covers digital parts, offering 5 years of protection on digital components. Batteries are included and have a great lifespan, and if the multiple sensors on the faucet are too much for you, you can disable them individually. Product feature and application: Quick installation of counterweight hammer, let you install, adjust more convenient The body and handle are made of high standard zinc alloy material Detail image Certification: Production flow of Brass Kitchen Faucets: Our Advantages 1. 24 hours instant and comfortable customer service. 2. Shipping status notification during delivery. 3. Regular notification of new styles hot selling styles. FAQ: 1.Q: Can I work in the sink without the water turning on? (For example, I season whole chickens in the sink before grilling them) A: There are apparently two versions of this faucet - an older one with a black controller, and a newer one with a gray controller and a water temp dial on it. I think the directions for disabling the sensors are different. I have an older one, and the instructions to turn on the water and hold your hands over BOTH sensors for 5 seconds just worked for me. The new one's instructions say to turn on the water and hold your hand over only the top sensor. That doesn't work on the old one. 2.Q: Ready sensor doesn't turn on when the hand is directly under the faucet. only when hand is directly in front of the led indicator. Why? A: When the plumber originally installed my faucet I had the same problem. I then read the information and it suggested to reset the faucet. What needs to be done is to disconnect the faucet from the power (either battery or electric). Then wait for a minute. Then make sure that there is no obstruction in front of the led. next, connect the power and make sure you do not stand in front of the led or any obstruction in front of it till the reset completes. The reset will take a minute or two. I even keep my head down away from the faucet till the reset has stopped. Once done, the sensor will operate as expected.Touchless Kitchen Faucet suppliers website: