Best CodeIgniter Framework Feature Every Developer Should Know

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CodeIgniter is a robust PHP framework offering simple and highly elegant web application development toolkits for fully featured web development.

Certainly, CodeIgniter is one of the best PHP frameworks for web development. Instead of this, every PHP development service provider should know about the best features of the CodeIgniter web development that can help to build robust web development frameworks.


What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework for simple and multi-featured web development toolkits. With CodeIgniter toolkits, developers can create fully functional high-quality web applications.


Best CodeIgniter framework features


1. MVC based

CodeIgniter uses a Model-View-Controller-based system to find complex models to create a web application using controllers and views. MVC helps to build a core library for the system. Using the MVC system CodeIgniter development can smoothly create and manage large web applications.


2. Error Handle

The CodeIgniter framework helps to handle errors and make applications error-free applications. Providing user-friendly interfaces that help to find error functions. CodeIgniter has an error-logging class that provides functionality to save errors as text files.


3. Security

CodeIgniter is the most reliable PHP framework that comes with security. CodeIgniter offers end-to-end encryption and decryption features.

Instead of a website providing payment gateway features, CodeIgniter provides the most trusted security features.


4. SEO-friendly

CodeIgniter frameworks build search engine-friendly and clean URLs with a segment-based approach that offers good flexibility to developers and provides an advantage to show web pages in more advance.


5. Simple easy

CodeIgniter provides a simple and easy user interface that is light, efficient, and reliable. A CodeIgniter framework is PHP’s easy-to-use framework that can enable easy change.


6. Validation

CodeIgniter framework validation help to write code in a single line by using effective validation systems. It generates codes without errors and different control structures placed within the HTML format.


7. Migrations

With CodeIgniter, it can be managed database schema updates with various web applications easily with migration aspects. CodeIgniter provides one server to another server migration fast and easy.


Bottom line

CodeIgniter is a simple and efficient PHP framework unlike others such as Larval vs CodeIgniter, CodeIgniter delivers better performance and functionality. CodeIgniter framework enhances the functionality of web applications with high performance and features-rich functionality.