House of Couture: Your Bridal Shop in Walnut Creek

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The House Of Couture - Top Rated Local® Tailor, Seamstress & Bridal Shop in Walnut Creek, CA | The House of Couture.

The wedding season is here and just like any other year, nervous brides are walking in and out of stores, all the while anticipating how they want to look when they are walking down the aisle on their big day, the gown they want to be seen with, the tiara that completes the look of their veiled face and the sandals they are going to walk in. 

 Every bride has a dream of her big day and would want to fulfil it all even in the littlest of ways, right from the bouquet in her hand to the big wedding cake. 

 And so if you are from Walnut Creek, we would like to recommend to you, the House of Couture, a bridal shop in Walnut Creek here to make you look nothing less than what you dream to be on your wedding day. 

 Shop Wedding Gowns in Walnut Creek

 Every bride has a dream of the kind of dress she wants to walk down with on her wedding day, and yet, the Goosebumps that appear as the day draws near leaves her unable to make a decision as she tries to design a dress for her big day. 

 And this is where you have the House of Couture coming into the picture, giving you all the guidance you need to come up with the perfect dress. 

 Here you can receive all the assistance and advice you need by way of fabrics, design, fit and even the little details like the embroidery on the hem and you name it. 

 Shari will take you through all of it as she walks with you in every step of the way. 

 There’s going to be no hurry as you choose your wedding dress, and every detail will be considered for your once in a lifetime wedding dress. 

 A Dress with an Exceptional Fit

 Not many nervous brides pay enough attention to the fit of their wedding dress, little realizing that the fit can make or break the look of their wedding dress. 

 And we can totally understand this, and this is why you have the House of Couture who will make sure that you will be walking with a dress that comes with an exceptional fit.

 For when else will there ever come a day when you will be posing for pictures like this? 


 Come to the House of Couture, your bridal shop in Bay Area to get your wedding dress perfectly stitched with the combination of fine tailoring and beautiful craftsmanship. 

 So, in the end, you can have your own couture gown, making you look forward and desperately count the days till you can walk down the aisle with it on your wedding day. 


 How many days do you have before your wedding day? Not ready with your wedding dress yet? Don’t worry, for you have a bridal shop in Walnut Creek, that, as said above will lovingly tread with you in every step, pampering you in a way that the nervous bride in you deserves, and giving you all the tender loving care that you need till the moment you slip into your wedding dress. 

 Here you are more than just a customer walking into our bridal shop in Walnut Creek. Because here at the House of Couture, we see everyone walking in as a person with a vision, a vision of the perfect dress that she is going to walk down in. 

 And fulfilling that vision is our mission, where Shari comes to your aid, fixing a private appointment with you, our pretty precious bride. 

All you have to do is book an appointment with us and tell us all that you need and we will be at your side at once, assisting you in your search for the perfect dress. 

 Bridal Boutique in Tuxedo

Hey men, before you go, there’s something for you too. Nervous about your wedding day, are you?

Don’t worry, for we are also here to assist you. 

Here at the House of Couture, you can find some of the best tuxedos especially designed for you. 

From readymade Italian suits and tuxedos to custom-made suits we have almost anything for you. 

We keep in mind all the little details from the overall look to the fit, taking all the right measurements from you and coming up with the custom made suit designed especially for you. 

Because weddings are once in a lifetime, and we know that you want to look your best too. 

 Rent Your Tux

Here you can even rent a tuxedo for your big day, choosing what goes with your style and look. The selection is extensive and we make sure that you arrive at what is just perfect for you. 

Or Find the Perfect Suit

And that’s not all. Come to the House of Couture, your bridal shop in Walnut Creek, for here the suits are reasonably priced, be it a suit you have custom designed or a readymade suit you want to rent at an affordable price. 

 Your Bridal Boutique in Walnut Creek

Whether it’s a dress that you want to shine in on your wedding day, or a smart looking suit, whether it’s a subtle and minimalistic look that you want or something that makes heads turn for a second look, you won’t be disappointed when you come to the House of Couture, your bridal shop in Walnut Creek, for the beautiful bride and groom in you. 

And remember, your wedding is not the only time the House of Couture is here for you. You can come to explore our collection any time of the year, to find some of the most beautiful gowns and dresses designed especially for you.  

Henceforth, you don’t have to worry about what to wear for a formal occasion. From an evening out to an exquisite dinner banquet, the House of Couture is here with the perfect outfit for you. A wedding in the family, an evening at your favourite place, you name it, we help you find just the right outfit in the latest trend to suit you.