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Beginner makeup does not require too complicated cosmetics, the general necessities are foundation, base cream, eyebrow pencil, makeup powder, eye shadow and eyeliner.

A perfect base makeup is very important, the liquid foundation should be close to the skin color, natural. Choose a foundation with different effects according to the skin type.

If you have oily skin, choose an oil-controlling foundation. If you have dry skin, choose a moisturizing foundation. The segregation cream mainly plays a role of polishing and sun protection. The eyebrow pencil is more friendly to beginners, and the eyebrow pencil is easier to control. The eyebrow pencil is used to fill the gap between the eyebrows and draw the end of the eyebrow. Setting powder is mainly to even out the skin after concealer and set makeup. For eye shadow, it is recommended to choose earth-colored eye shadow, which is easy to draw the effect of natural nude makeup.It is true to get good makeup tips to solve makeup questions.

Makeup can make us more beautiful, there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones. As long as you become diligent, your appearance can also be greatly improved. So for beginners who are new to makeup, how much cosmetics should they prepare? In fact, the cosmetics should be fine but not too much. These 10 basic items are enough. Come and see if you have all the cosmetics?To get common makeup questions solved in your daily life.

01. Makeup primer, makeup primer has a certain isolation effect, which can better brighten the skin tone and make the skin appear more clean and well-proportioned. The use of makeup primer is also more conducive to subsequent makeup, which can make the makeup look more docile, so makeup primer is the first step in makeup.These daily makeup questions should be solved with our tips.
02. Liquid foundation, liquid foundation has better ductility and stronger abilities. For some small blemishes on the integral surface, such as tiny stains or light acne marks, it can be better covered up. Liquid foundation is light and easy to apply makeup, and it is also a must-have item for novices.To get good answers of makeup questions.

03. Concealer. If there are many blemishes on the face, or large pores, serious acne, and obvious spots or moles on the face, concealer is needed to modify it. Concealer is generally used in the way of point application, and it can be covered by lightly dabbing on the position where concealer is needed.
04. Makeup setting spray, if you are new to makeup, you will rarely use loose powder. After all, loose powder is not easy to control the thickness. If the loose powder is applied too thickly, it is easy to have a false face feeling. Relatively speaking, the makeup setting spray is more suitable for beginners. It is facing the direction of the face, and the distance is more than 25cm. Spraying the makeup setting spray can achieve a certain makeup effect.To get good keys for your makeup questions.

05. Eyebrow pencil. Naturally, eyebrow makeup is indispensable for makeup. Beauty makeup does not seem so important, but it will also affect the overall aesthetics. If the eyebrows are messy and there is no sense of outline, it will affect the three-dimensionality of the overall facial features, making the facial features flat and without temperament.
06. Eyeliner, if you are new to makeup, you don’t need to draw eye shadow first, after all, eye shadow is not in the category of daily makeup. You only need to keep the eyeliner, outline the upper and lower eyeliner, and you can have the effect of magnifying the eyes. Make eyes look more alive.

07. Mascara, a swipe of mascara can make the eyelashes become slender and curly, the eyes are more energetic and more charming. Compared with exaggerated false eyelashes, it is recommended that you choose mascara. Applying mascara naturally can make the eyelashes look longer and curled, and improve the overall beauty of the makeup.
08. Blush, if there is no blush, it is like a layer of white face, and the whole person looks bloodless. So if you want to look better, you must have the embellishment of blush. Beginners can choose light pink or slightly orange blush, which are more elegant and brighten.

09. Lipstick and slogans are women's most confident weapons. A touch of lip makeup instantly transforms into a queen of temperament. Lipstick can bring women not only beauty, but also inner confidence and calmness. Putting on lipstick, the whole person's aura and state are different.
10. Make-up tools, in addition to basic cosmetics, make-up tools are also essential. For example, eyebrow trimmers, eyelash curlers, makeup brushes, lip brushes, etc. If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. If you want to draw exquisite makeup, you must have makeup tools at hand.