5 Products You Need in Your Makeup Collection.

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The beauty world is constantly changing and evolving. Products come out every day that are better than the ones before them, but there are still a few products that you should have in your makeup collection.


Mascara is the most important makeup product. A good mascara will make your eyelashes look longer and thicker, which is great for those of us who want to look like we have extra lashes. It's also important to choose a mascara that doesn't irritate your eyes—you don't want to end up with puffy red lids or watery eyes at work!

Mascaras come in many different forms: They can be liquid, cream or gel; they can be waterproof (like false lashes) or not; you can use clear ones if you don't like dramatic looks (or if you want something light), but I recommend sticking with black because it looks more natural on darker skin tones than other colors do. If you want something more dramatic than simple black but still less conspicuous than false lashes then try adding color through eye shadow instead of using colored lip balm as an accent color under one eye only...


Eyeliner is a must-have for any makeup look, and it can make your eyes pop. There are so many different types of eyeliners out there that you'll have to choose one based on what you're looking for in the product. For example:

  • Liquid or gel eyeliner gives you more control over the application process. You can draw on thin lines with them, which makes them easy to apply without going over any one spot too much (like a waterline). This also means that if you mess up while applying your liquid liner—which happens sometimes if we're being honest—you won't end up with a big mess all over your face like some people might experience with other kinds of products!

  • Brush-tip applicators allow for more precise lining than traditional pencils do; however this comes at a price since these tips are usually more expensive than regular pencils or crayons/pens/etcetera...


Foundation is used to even out skin tone and give you a matte finish. It should match your skin tone, so if you’re fair-skinned, go with a light foundation. If you have darker skin, go with a deeper shade. Your foundation should last all day long (at least 8 hours) and be easy to apply—no more than 4 steps!

Blush or bronzer

Blush or bronzer are the soft and darker colors of your makeup collection. They're used to add color to the cheeks, or they can be used as highlighters on top of your foundation.

You may be wondering why these two products are included in our list of the 10 most important items necessary for any woman's vanity case. The answer is simple: they're both versatile! You can use blush as a blush, bronzer as a contour powder, or blend them together for an all-over glow that looks great on any skin tone (and will never get old).

Blushes come in many different shades; some are pink/rose hued while others look more like peach lipsticks with pink undertones (this one is my favorite!). If you're into natural looking beauty then go with something like "Natural Glow" by MAC Cosmetics—it's got just enough shimmering goodness mixed in there that it doesn't look too harsh against fair complexions but still gives off some serious radiance when applied correctly!

Setting spray or powder

Setting spray and setting powder are two different products. The former is a liquid, while the latter is a powder. They both have similar functions—they help keep your makeup in place throughout the day. Setting sprays contain alcohols and alcohol-free formulas that evaporate quickly, which makes them ideal for oily skin types or people who are just beginning to wear makeup without foundation on top of their face (this includes me). Setting powders work similarly but with less drying properties so they're great if you want to wear foundation under your BB cream/CC cream or even concealer over dark circles like me!


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You can never have too much makeup! Having a great range of products on hand is important, especially when it comes to your brows. If you want them to look flawless and natural, then we suggest using a high-quality brush that helps you achieve the perfect shape with ease. This will also help keep the bristles clean so they don't break easily over time.

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