Laser engraving projects

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To engrave on curved glasses, you will need to use a rolling rotary attachment on the Sculpfun laser engraver.

Glass laser engraving projects

One of the most popular and widely used glass engraving techniques is sub-surface laser engraving, which is used to make 3D crystals or bubble patterns, and they are in high demand.

Lenses that provide a spot smaller than 0.08" are preferred and, at a minimum, you will need 20W of laser power in a diode laser to process the glass.

When working with glass, be careful to provide a lower resolution image, as it helps to engrave each spot at the best distance and prevents the glass from breaking suddenly.

You can engrave both flat and curved glass. To engrave on curved glasses, you will need to use a rolling rotary attachment on the Sculpfun laser engraver.

Some of the glass laser engraving applications are gifts, promotional materials, decorative items and personalized engraving.

Using a layer of material on the glass, such as tissue paper or a plastic cover, will give you a clear engraving. If you use wet tissue paper, you will get a crisp white engraving.

The Sculpfun S30 Pro Max laser engraver can engrave designs directly on mirrored glass, but the engraved part of the mirror will become transparent. It can be used to create some cool looking mirror designs.

After you have finished engraving, you must use a brush to clean it up. I recommend you use a brass brush/wheel as it cleans more efficiently, never use a steel wheel as it will mess up your engraving.

sculpfun s10 vs s9

Plastic laser engraving project

Plastics are easy to engrave and there is a wide variety of plastics that can be engraved with the Sculpfun S10 laser engraver.

Some of the best plastics for engraving are polyetherketone, polystyrene, polyimide, polyamide, polyethylene, polyaryl sulfone, polycarbonate and silicone.

Cutting plastics with a laser produces toxic fumes, and long-term exposure to these fumes can lead to medical problems.

To protect yourself from these fumes, you must maintain an external system to extract and remove toxic fumes through an exhaust unit.

It is also recommended to use the laser in a well-ventilated room with proper safety equipment, such as laser safety goggles, and to be aware of laser safety risks, hazards and control measures.

Other Laser Engraving Projects

Some valuable creative projects you can work on include customizing and engraving designs on laptops, cell phones, watches, books, decals/stickers, labels and more.

You can purchase and engrave on simple ready-to-use products such as pizza crusts, wooden spoons, wine openers, aluminum change clips, bottle openers, locks, etc.

Make sure that the products you purchase have an engravable surface that you can work with. You can add even more value to these products with a laser engraver.

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to start a small business with a laser engraver, try to find out what products are in high demand in your community.

Rather than making your own products and then engraving them, it may be better to find customizable products that are already in the market in high demand.

It can be profitable to buy these products in bulk and then enhance their value by laser engraving them to order.

Getting started with laser engraving is easy, but you must be creative with the products you design and engrave to reap the rewards.

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