Is Amino Safe for Kids? And Should You Let Your Child Use It?

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In this article we will talk about Is Amino Safe for Kids? And Should You Let Your Child Use It?

Children are always obsessed with one thing, whether it's Roblox or Boruto beating his enemies to the pulp. They become so passionate about this topic that they want to share it with their friends. It's easy to see that a teenage boy or girl is a Marvel fan if they can't find any topic related to superheroes. And that's exactly what Amino is all about. Amino is a platform that allows people to create communities around the things they love. It allows people who share the same interests to communicate and exchange ideas. As with other communication apps, responsible parents would ask "Is Amino safe to use with children?" We should first know more about Amino.



What Is Amino?

Amino can be described as a network of diverse communities. Amino allows you to find others who are as interested in Lady Gaga's role in Joker 2. Play quizzes to test your knowledge of your favorite Pokemon characters. You can also voice or text your opinions about the Avengers finale deaths.


Amino is a platform that allows members of fandoms around the world to create their own online fanbases on the app. You can:

  • You can read other people's blogs, or you can write your .
  • Join groups or create one for yourself to build a following
  • Keep up with the latest trends
  • Get the most recent news about your favourite series, celebrities, and topics.

Although most of the features are free, Amino+ premium membership can be purchased. This will unlock many perks that are not available to other users. These include stickers, mood icons, badges and custom chat bubbles. You can also upload high-quality photos.





What is the Age Rating of Amino?

Amino has strict guidelines to keep underage children off the platform. Different age limits exist in different countries, so it would be difficult to implement all age limits in Amino. Amino has an age limit. The platform is not allowed for children under 13. Amino will permanently delete any account that is found to be belonging to an underage person if they discover it.




What's Amino? Amino is an online community for fans of various artists and tv shows. It offers a platform to:
  • Meet like-minded people, share your thoughts through text chat and video calls.
  • Take part in discussions and polls
  • Take quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • You can read blogs and build a following by creating your own blog.
  • Get the most recent news about your selected topics.
What is the age rating of the Amino app? 13+ but there is no age verification system.





Is Amino Safe for Teenagers?

Amino was created to allow people with similar interests to connect. However, this is not always the intention. Your child might come across hackers, sexual predators, and bullies while using Amino. If your children use Amino, the following issues could compromise their safety:



Toxic Fandoms, Cyberbully

People can become obsessed with an artist or a subject they love so much that they start to be too critical of them and their work. It's more common to meet such people in fandoms or communities like the Amino app. These people can bully your child by saying hurtful things and being angry. Some people will tell others to kill them or wish that something horrible would happen in real life.


People may also try to troll you kid. Trolling refers to the deliberate act of making others angry or feel bad. Trolls online enjoy the negative reactions they get because they see it as a way to draw attention. They will do whatever it takes to get attention.


This is what Amino's parent who has used the app for a while, says about it:


"I have only used the app for five days and although the idea behind it was good, the community has made it a toxic place. Bullies are everywhere and you'll hear insults that you wouldn't expect from a 14 year old kid. I was repeatedly told to "kill yourself" multiple times. Even if your child reports these messages, they will still have to experience the horrible experience of being cyberbullied by strangers.



Sexual Predators

As with any online community, predators or groomers can join these communities while concealing their identities. Your child could meet dangerous people on any app that has communication tools. Predators will be able to reach your child more easily if there are more communication tools.


Predators are imposters who can disguise their identities and manipulate children into having sex. They will use your child's innocence and naivety to convince them to have sex.



Security Issues

Protecting their child's privacy is a major concern for responsible parents. Parents would not want strangers to know their child's full name and school address. No! Amino is not the exception to this rule. Unfortunately, there are many malicious people out there trying to take over your child's life. Someone will try to steal your child's personal information as long as they are on the Amino platform. They might convince your child to share their address, phone number, and details of social accounts for Amino as well as other platforms, such information including school address, home address, and phone number.



Sexually Exlicit Content

According to the Amino team, users are not allowed to discuss or post sexually explicit or adult content. It doesn't mean that everyone will follow. It is almost impossible for moderators, just like other platforms that allow users to communicate with one another or make voice calls, to correct inappropriate behavior before it affects others. This includes your child.


Amino does not prohibit minors from joining fandoms. Some of these communities also discuss topics that are inappropriate for children. It's only a matter time before your child is exposed to fandoms that contain more mature content.