Amniotic Products Market Study with Competitive Landscape, Market Insights and growth Prospects to 2028

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Amniotic products have been gaining interest in the past decade.

Amniotic products have been gaining interest in the past decade for the treatment of various conditions including surgical wounds, oposteoarthritis and for eye disorders. Amniotic membranes have become essential components in tissue engineering-based research and treatment procedures that incorporate the use of these biocompatible membranes as a scaffold. The main two types of amniotic membranes including cryopreserved amniotic membrane and lyophilized amniotic membrane have developed back in the 1990s, however they became substantial and the market for amniotic membranes to be used on humans grew over the past fifteen years.


The amniotic membrane market is driven by growing demand for naturally derived materials in tissue scaffolding, growth in the target patient populace, the increasing incidence of burn injuries, Increasing technological advancements and rising ammonic membrane transplantations and growing awareness to scale back health care costs coupled with the increasing awareness programs for wound care treatment and management. Further, the growing demand for bio-scaffolds in repair and regenerative therapies for the treatment of bone, cartilage, ligament, skin, vascular tissues, neural tissues, and skeletal muscles will lead to the expansion of the global amniotic membrane and is likely to offer a wide range of growth opportunities for players in the market.

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The report analyses the global amniotic products market based on type, application, end user ad geography. 


Amniotic membrane products include Amniotic allograft membrane and amniotic allograft Suspension. The major types of amniotic membranes consist of cryopreserved amniotic membrane and lyophilized amniotic membrane. The amniotic membrane refers to a thin tissue that covers the fetal side of the placenta. Globally, cryopreserved amniotic membrane is the most attractive segment from manufacturers’ point of view. Significant increase in the growth of the amniotic membrane-based transplantations globally boosted the growth of the amniotic membrane market. Besides, the rise in awareness regarding the benefits of amniotic membrane in individuals as well as healthcare professionals will create more demand for amniotic membrane products, which is expected to boost the growth of the global amniotic membrane market.


The market finds application in surgical wounds, ophthalmology etc. In the field of ophthalmology, it is used broadly to reconstruct the ocular surface after various procedures, as a graft for ocular surface melt as well as a bandage to promote healing in cases of persistent epithelial defects or ocular surface inflammation. All of these indications make use of amniotic membrane's ability to promote healing. Cryopreserved amniotic membrane is majorly used in ocular surface eye surgery owing to its positive effect on wound healing due to its anti-inflammatory property. 


The major end users of the market are hospitals ASC’s, specialized clinics and research centers laboratories. Among all end users of amniotic membrane, high demand for amniotic membrane is expected to come from the hospitals and ACS’s segment owing to increasing application of amniotic membrane in advanced surgical healing.


Based on geography, the global Amniotic Products market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World. North America dominated global amniotic membrane market in 2019, attributed to the launch of new products, increase in regulatory approval of amniotic membranes, and increase in the usage of these membranes for wound healing in countries such as the U.S. and Canada. Moreover, intense growth in government funding and research activities in this region has resulted in growth of the market. 


Key players in the global amniotic products market include Integra LifeSciences Corporation, Stryker Corporation, Wright Medical, MiMedx, Smith Nephew, Organogenesis, Applied Biologics, Lucina BioSciences, Next Biosciences, Skye Biologics, Surgenex, TissueTech, Ventris Medical, StimLabs, VIVEX Biologics, LifeCell International and NuVision Biotherapiess among others. The market for amniotic membrane is highly consolidated with some major players contributing to major revenue share.

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