Does TurboTax have live chat 24 7?

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If you want to have users connect how can I speak to a live person at turbo tax. customer services are available to connect through emails, and live chat and 24/7 services are on.

 TurboTax Customer Service:

Turbo tax is an accounting software that helps you maintain a record of all your income expenses and tax returns. You can get access to this application after creating an account on it. While using turbo tax, you can communicate to their support team if you get any issues like account stop, payment issues, etc. To know the complete information about communicating with the turbo tax support team, use the information below.


Ways to contact turbo tax

The information given below will give you a fair idea about how you will contact turbo tax in case you face any problems. Many users ask how can i speak to a live person at turbo tax. So for this, read the given instructions. 

Through call:

You can give a direct call to turbo tax as by calling you can get in touch with turbo quickly, and the support team will help you resolve your problem. The calling service of turbo tax is available 24/7.use the steps given below to connect a call:

  • First, visit the official website of turbo tax.

  • Second, search for the customer service of turbo and then click on the contact us option. 

  • Third, don't forget to choose your preferred language.

  • Fourth, use the given IVR: press 1 to make an account.

                                                        Press 2 to make a complaint.

                                                        Press 3 to inquire.

                                                        Press 4 for others.

  • Hold the call for a few seconds, and when the call connects, you can tell them about your problem.


Through chat:

You can also resolve your problem via chat. You can easily chat with the turbo tax support team by following simple steps. Note the steps given below:

  1. First, go to the official website of the turbo tax.

  2. Second, click on the customer service option.

  3. Third, there you will see a live chat option. Click on that option, and then the chat box will open, and you can chat with the support team of turbo tax.