Tibetan Singing Bowl: Benefits and How to Choose a Singing Bowl

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Tibetan singing bowls emit unique vibrations which help in physical, emotional and spiritual healing. To ensure proper healing it is essential to buy an authentic Tibetan sound bowl.

The Tibetan singing bowl goes by different names and is often connected with Tibetan and Buddhist culture. Depending on a particular location it may be called a Meditation bowl, a Himalayan singing bowl, or a Prayer bowl. A singing bowl is a musical instrument that vibrates and produces sound when it is struck, rubbed, and shaken. The singing bowl comes in different shapes and sizes. Smaller bowls produce more subtle sounds while larger bowls produce a profound high vibrational sound.


There are mainly two methods of playing the sound bowl, striking and rimming. Each method produces a distinct sound. It is commonly used in religious and spiritual settings. It is also used in sound therapy sessions to heal and treat different physiological and emotional ailments. Sound healing restores disturbing frequencies in the mind, body, and soul and aligns them. Playing the bowls creates a balancing effect that synchronizes the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The Tibetan singing bowls are therefore used in yoga and meditation practices due to their ability to bring peace and tranquility.


History Of Tibetan Singing Bowl


The enigmatic history of the Tibetan sound bowl began long before the beginning of modern civilization. Singing bowls are considered one of the oldest handicrafts. The earliest sound bowls were made of pure copper and used for both musical and healing purposes. They were mostly made in artisan homes but the chain of knowledge of how to make them broke eventually. After some time, sound bowls were made of brass which is a combination of various earth metals like copper. A 2000-year-old brass singing bowl was found as an anecdotal reference.

Singing bowls were mainly found in monasteries but monks were not allowed to talk about the bowls. The Buddhist and Tibetan scriptures did not hold any information about sound bowls. Stories tell that it was only used during private spiritual ceremonies by monks. During a crisis during the 1930s monks were forced to sell their valuable singing bowls which made them propagate around the world.


Benefits Of The Tibetan Singing bowl


Physical effects of sound healing


  • Muscle therapy and regeneration
  • Relief from joint pain, headaches, migraines, spine and shoulder injury
  • It improves blood circulation and the digestive system
  • Harmonizes the functioning of cells, tissues, and organs
  • Eradication of toxins
  • Coordinates the functioning of each cell in the body
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Lowers blood pressure


The emotional effect of sound healing


  • Removes mental blockages and stress
  • Reduces depression and anxiety
  • Induces proper sleep
  • Improves concentration
  • Stable regulation and release of emotions
  • Relief from emotional pain and trauma
  • Increased self-confidence and productivity


The spiritual effect of sound healing


  • Creates a positive sense of self which helps to overcome a difficult situation in life
  • Brings balance and harmony to life
  • Cleanse the energy centers and balances the whole chakra system
  • Raises the individual vibration level
  • Blockages in energy lines are removed
  • Supports Kundalini awakening


How to Choose a Tibetan Singing Bowl


The aim behind working with singing bowls may be of  spiritual motivation but physical factors also play a role. The sound waves or vibrations emitted from the bowl can transform various elements like water. Tuning personal vibrations with the singing bowl balances the mind, body, and soul. Choosing the correct singing bowl depends on factors like the quality of the singing bowl, the sound of the bowl, and the purpose of the bowl.

A good quality singing bowl can sustain its vibrations and produce multiple tones in harmony. The durability and longevity of the bowl is guaranteed if the bowl is made of authentic metals. Before purchasing a bowl, it is very important to keep in mind certain factors, such as how the sound of the singing bowl affects one’s body, and whether the size and weight of the bowl fit perfectly to the hand.

Tibetan bowls have different purposes to serve. It may be used for meditation, physical healing, or sound therapy. Sound bowls used for meditation purposes are known for their deep sustained sounds. The ones used for yoga classes produce low notes. Healing bowls are known for their high pitch. As such, Tibetan singing bowls are a great addition to wellness and healing practices. It helps to balance and purify the energy centers and evokes harmony and love within the individual.

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