Why do people drink coffee from saucers?

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You've probably wondered why people drink their coffee out of saucers. The saucer is still an important part of enjoying coffee for many people, who prefer not to drink from a cup without one. So let's take a brief look at some of the ways this peculiar custom came about and wh


To Show Off Wealth

In the 19th century, saucers were all the rage. They were used to keep coffee warm and protect tables from stains—but they also served as a way for people to show off their wealth. While porcelain saucers were relatively common, silver ones (and even gold) were more prestigious—and they often had highly ornate designs and motifs on them.

The saucer wasn't a separate item back then.


Protected Tables from Stains

The saucer wasn't a separate item back then. In fact, it was the cup itself that had a small lip hanging off it, which would have been used to hold coffee when you drank it out of the cup. The saucer was included as part of the cup design because these materials were often fragile and easily breakable; having an extra layer between your coffee and your table protected both from stains (which would show up on wood tables) or cracking (which would happen if they fell onto a tile floor).


This would make sense for both historical reasons (many tables weren't made of sturdy materials) and practical ones (you don't want your furniture getting ruined). A shallow dish makes it easier to appreciate the aroma of your coffee as you imbibe it.


Muabomb mug plates set such as Ceramic Brown Daisies Coffee Cup Set are handmade from light yellow earthenware clay and finished on matte glaze to prevent stains on the table.


To Quickly Cool Down Hot Liquid

One more theory is that it's intended to cool down the drink, which could be helpful in places where instant coffee became popular and people were just getting used to having hot beverages regularly. You can sip your espresso out of a saucer to get it cool enough to drink quickly. The reason people use saucers for drinking espresso is because these types of cups are made with thinner walls than mugs, which allows them to cool down faster than a mug or other insulated containers would (which means you can take smaller sips without burning yourself).



Moreover, a saucer is a shallow dish that has no handles. People use it as an extension of their hand holding the cup when they drink espresso and other hot beverages like tea or hot chocolate. The saucer helps prevent spills by absorbing some of the heat from your drink so you don't burn your fingers or hands when taking another sip.


The aroma of coffee is an essential part of the experience. You want to be able to smell the coffee before you drink it, not just as a hot liquid in your mouth or throat.


When your cup is hot, it loses its ability to hold on to aromas. The heat causes them to evaporate into the air around you, so that by the time you take a sip, there’s nothing left for your nostrils to enjoy. This can be especially frustrating if you really love smelling fresh-brewed coffee!


To Keep Accessories Dry

Some scholars believe that saucers may have also been used as vessels for spoons; back when people drank tea or coffee out of cups instead of mugs, they didn't usually have spoons on hand—they'd have had utensils like knives or forks if they needed them! The saucer held whatever utensil was at hand while keeping those accessories dry while they were resting in the cup


The saucer can be used as both a plate and bowl. If the cup is too hot to hold, it can be placed on top of the saucer and held safely in place.



A saucer will keep your cup cool while keeping an eye out for any drops or spills that might occur during its use. If no saucers are available at home (or wherever else), try using a plate instead—the same principle applies!




Drinking coffee from a saucer may not be logical, but its mystique persists. The saucer is a relic of the past, but its legacy lives on in our coffee cups.  We may not be able to answer why people drink coffee from saucers, but we can tell you that drinking from a cup and saucer is a lot more than just a way to hold your coffee.