How to Paly Valorant - IGV Complete Beginner's Guide 2022

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Points are retained between rounds, hence the innovation of the "Economy" round, where players save points to buy better weapons/abilities on the next round.

Valorant is a tactical shooter similar to Counter-Strike. Precise accuracy is critical, teamwork is essential, and every shot can be lethal. If you’re a newbie to tactical shooters, or just need some refresher on what separates Valorant from other shooter games, here are some tips and guides before you play.

The Gameplay

The typical competitive set-up is two teams of five, defenders and attackers. It's the attacker's task to plant the Spike at a bomb site, and it's the defender's job to stop them. You've likely seen the formula before, either in Call of Duty's Search and Destroy, or the classic Counter-Strike format.

This mode is known as Plant/Defuse. There are 12 rounds on Attack or Defense, and then the teams swap to the other side. The first team to 13 rounds wins the game. If the game ends at a 12-12 stalemate, a tense Sudden Death round follows. You can either play in a competitive queue, where you earn rank points, or the unrated version of the mode, where there is nothing on the line other than your own dignity.

Points are earned during the round — these can be used to purchase weapons and abilities.

Points are retained between rounds, hence the innovation of the "Economy" round, where players save points to buy better weapons/abilities on the next round.

The Spike has a timer. Defenders must defuse the Spike within the time limit or they will lose the round, even if all the attackers are dead.

There are a couple of different game modes in Valorant Accounts :

Replication - Players all play as the same Agent, selected in the pre-game screen. It follows the same Plant/Defuse formula.

Spike Rush - All players start the round with a random weapon (the same weapon) and there are orbs that spawn around the map. When picked up, these orbs offer either buffs or debuffs.

Deathmatch - Deathmatch is a great place to start off as a new player. This 14-player free-for-all lets you get used to the weapons and various Agents before jumping into a match of Plant/Defuse.


Before the game starts you will be greeted by the agent select screen. Here you and your team pick a character you will play for the entire match. There can be no doppelgangers on the same team. While there are a lot of agents in Valorant, we have you covered with this Valorant beginner guide to help you pick the right one.

Each agent has different abilities that provide unique input to your team. There are many agents and take your time exploring them. But to make your life easier, those characters are grouped into classes (by Riot, not us). Each class has a bit different gameplay so that should be a good starting point for you.

One of the best agents to pick for beginners is Breach. His abilities lend himself well to charging into combat head first, so you can focus on taking down enemies rather than map positioning or stealth.

And here you are, ready to become a part of Valorant. I hope this Valorant beginner guide gave you a headstart. If you ever feel like you are missing something or if you want to go more advanced, I recommend visit game gold online store IGV, the store has Valorant Accounts For Sale with cheap price.