What are escort services and why are they needed?

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Today, the concept of "escort service" is understood differently by everyone. For example, some believe that this is a prohibited activity and that all girls sleep with clients, while others clearly know that such services are provided as part of a good time.

Escorts can be girls or men of different build, nationality and can provide various services. As a rule, this is accompaniment to events. But you may need partners for the evening and for another reason.

When is an escort needed?
Very often, many male entrepreneurs have to go to:

various holidays;
And, for reasons of etiquette, you need to have a charming companion nearby. Many business men do not have a wife or a girlfriend, so they have to seek the services of an escort agency

Very often this activity is criticized, but even some previously well-known models earned large fees in this way “with their own face”. After all, they are not required to enter into an intimate relationship, their duty is to accompany them at a banquet, on a trip, at a meeting, etc.

What do girls look like?
As a rule, these are prominent girls, often models. They will be beautiful, like competitors, companions and partners of a man. It will not be a shame to bring such a girl to a fashion show, you can ask her to portray a bride or wife, she will behave perfectly in public. That is, this profession has nothing to do with prostitution. Of course, if a girl liked a gentleman, then by mutual agreement they can do whatever they want. But this is regarded as personal time, not work. An escort can be just a nice girl who is able to keep up the conversation and be interesting to the customer. But some agencies have strict parameters that all girls must pass.

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