LED Panel Lights for an Aesthetic Appeal

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An alternative to fluorescent ceiling lights, LED panel lights are very popular nowadays. With LED panel lights from Greyellow, you get an energy efficient option to decorate your home and office spaces. 
These panel lights have become so popular owing to the aesthetic rendition they give to spaces. These lights are also great for retail stores and spaces where you need to focus on objects without any light leakage from above. 
Envisioned by European light designers, Greyellow has been the leading name in designing, manufacturing, and selling top quality LED Panel Lights in India. Our lighting solutions are designed to consume the least amount of electricity while providing big on aesthetics and efficiency. Our LED light panels are also energy efficient and low on maintenance. 
Get Spoilt for Choice with LED Panel Lights from Greyellow
At Greyellow, we have various designs and configurations of LED panel lights for you to choose from. The two options are the LED panel 2x2 and the LED panel 1x4. 
The LED panel 2x2 has a length of 595mm, width of 595 mm., and a height of 34 mm. 
The second variant, the LED panel 1x4 has a length of 1195 mm., width of 295 mm., and a height of 34 mm. 
Buy Smart Lighting Solutions from Greyellow 
A range of smart lighting solutions can brighten your home and office spaces, Greyellow brings a revolution in lighting technology. We have a range of LED panel lights, downlights, wall washing lights, and much more at our online store. 
 Greyellow brings the convenience of online shopping for a great customer experience. Enjoy our excellent customer service by visiting our website and shopping for the best decor lighting solutions in India.