Frequent vacuum cleaner problems and how you can fix them

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Household electrical appliances, including vacuum cleaners, often have problems after a long time of use or may also have issues early when we use them incorrectly.

Household electrical appliances, including vacuum cleaners, often have problems after a long time of use or may also have issues early when we use them incorrectly. Knowledgeable users are those who always learn the necessary knowledge about the device they are using to be able to anticipate and handle the problems encountered during use. Fixing a vacuum cleaner is not too difficult when we learn about the vacuum cleaner problems listed below.

1.Common Problems

●It is weak

When working, the carpet cleaners will suck almost all small dust on the floor to filter at the dust filter bag, and the air is discharged after filtering. Therefore, the filter bag and filter membrane may be clogged, leading to a rapid decrease in suction power. Regularly cleaning the suction lines and filter is the best way for a vacuum cleaner to always work as intended.

●It is hot

Vacuum cleaner motors have a very high rotation speed so that it can create a great attraction and suction power to pick up dirt, so when the engine works overly hard or there is a problem with poor heat dissipation, it will make the engine temperature rise rapidly.

●It is burned

Inside the vacuum cleaner motor, there are always two overload protection devices, an overheating sensor and short circuit to disconnect the circuit when a fault occurs. Changes in suction, dirt and dust, engine jamming, reduced heat dissipation, electric shock, etc. are all causes of engine failure and may cause the vacuum cleaner to burn when overheated and the protective equipment malfunctions.

●It emits loud noises

This is a common feature of high-speed electric motors in some Hoover vacuum cleaners made with additional sound reduction foam, but the sound is not limited by a lot. After using it for some time, impact factors such as suction line is blocked, the oil spindle is dry, or suction of the propeller increases may all lead to vacuum cleaner to make loud noises.


●It does not run

This is one of the faults of vacuum cleaners that are also common when using regular vacuums, which is caused by electrical contacts such as sockets, power cords, power rings of power coils and worn brushes, burnt thermal fuse, damaged thermal relay, failed power switch, etc.

●It emits a bad smell

Using for a long time without cleaning can lead to unpleasant odors whenever you turn on the vacuum cleaner. If it is merely dry trash and sand dust, there is rarely a bad smell, but when you suck up a lot of organic waste that spills on the floor, after a few days a lousy smell will appear. At the same time, a lot of debris and warm conditions will make the dirt moist and create a bad smell.

●It works flickers

When you turn on the machine, the power flickering is what lets you know that there is a bad electrical contact that you have to find in order to fix the problem.


Clean regularly the dust filter bags, filters, and suction lines so that the suction force is always the strongest.

The big garbage must be removed before using a vacuum cleaner to avoid hose clogging.

Do not turn on the machine continuously because the engine temperature increases quickly, so take some time off in between cleaning sessions.

Clean the filter bag carefully because the fine dust adheres to the fabric of the bag. If you’re only emptying the garbage out of it, the filter bag may still be clogged.

Periodically check the motor suction because dust can still pass through the filter fouling the engine, leading to reduced heat dissipation.

When used regularly, you should check the brushes to be able to replace them promptly.


The above are a few notes for users of vacuum cleaners to improve equipment life, ensure stability, and avoid encountering vacuum cleaner errors. When errors do occur, users can repair them at home when viewing details about each error. If your old vacuum cleaner is broken and you need a new one, check out our vacuum reviews.


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