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Translation Company Services (formerly Total Documentation Service) is a language translation agency that was founded in 2004 by professional translators and interpreters with more than two decades of translation experience. Our language translation company has served thousands of translat

At Translation Company Services, we offer the best professional and highly qualitative translation services in the domain of language translation and interpretation solutions. With a strong team of Indian language translation services in Delhi NCR India of language experts and talented interpreters, we have acquired the right expertise, knowledge, and experience in the same industry and are proud to be emerging as one of the leading organizations in this category.

  Based out in Delhi, we are located and offer our services and solutions in the country's prime location. The city is also surrounded by top business hubs such as Gurugram and Noida. And, we understand that to start up and rightly establish your roots and market in a different country and part of the world, you are required to make a connection with the culture and vibe of that particular place. To attain this as a business entity, you would need the assistance of good, genuine, authentic, and quality language translation and interpretation services.

The mission and vision of Translation Compan Services have always been on the focus that language should never act as a barrier and obstacle to establishing your business roots in a different city, country, and part of the world. Therefore, to provide you and your business with the right expansion, development, and growth in an alien land, we help you by offering the best translation and language interpretation services solutions. Now, you are no more required to grope in the dark for not knowing the language of a particular place. We help you to create and converse in the same local dialect and connect to the place you desire to market your business.

Our team of European language translation services in India at the Translation Company Services has the most talented, creative, and highly educated professionals who are dedicated to making every language of the world accessible and understandable as one for all.

Here are a few reasons why choosing Translation CompanyServices for your language needs would be the best decision?


  • Strong Responsible Team:

The team At Translation Company ensures that all our business clients will receive and experience the most qualitative, genuine, authentic language interpretation and translation services.

  • Top-quality translation services:

Over the years, with our experience and expertise in the same industry, we enjoy an international and global reputation of being a premier organization for providing the best of translation and language interpretation services. We also are a socially responsible organization that is involved in the promotion and development of socially crafted welfare development programs and schemes funded by govt and private organizations.

  • A global team of interpreters and translators:
  • The strength Of Translation CompanyServices lies in the team which includes members and language experts from almost every different part of the world. We own a huge and talented language resource of language interpreters and experts. We have more than 1500 freelancers on board from different continents and countries around the globe.

    We specialize in language translation and interpretation services and offer a wide range of Indian as well as Internationally adopted and frequently followed languages of the world. We also work by maintaining a consultative approach and method in the govt aided organizations, academic institutions, diplomatic agencies, universities, missions, and translation industry stakeholders at regional, national as well as international levels. We provide and offer our language translation services in the genre of medical, technical, legal, scientific, and many more industry portals and domains. Over the years, with the successful and satisfactory delivery of all our undertaken language projects, we are known to be a pioneer and a leading organization in promoting and developing entrepreneurship and start-ups amongst new translators and language experts in the market and business industry. For the same, we can also be called to be playing an important role in strengthening and developing the profile and position of Indian translation services in a recognized manner on a global scale.

  • For the love of Language:

Language is the new power to create magic in your business goals and aims. At Translation Company India, we encompass a huge resource of global language experts from different parts of the world and provide the most authentic, accurate, genuine, apt, and effective language interpretation and translation services all across the varied parts of the world. For the true love of language that we all behold at a nation point, we also understand and abide by the fact that it is the correct and right use of the required language in the correct local mannerism and dialect that can act as responsible in making a business to be successful or a failure in an alien land. Therefore, by rightly understanding this as a true fact, we always work our best to provide the best in translation and language interpretation services. So, if you are planning to root up your business on a global and international scale, you know now whom to reach out to for the best in language translation services