How to buy on Features present to attract investors

comentários · 14 Visualizações is a platform where you can swap your ETH tokens to acquire the HEX token. The platform is celebrating over three years of flawless operations.

As per the consumer reviews, positively impacts its users. Currently, it is acting as the point of attraction among the various investors. The users who hold the HEX tokens have the option to agree and give their HEX tokens on the condition that they will not trade their digital assets for a particular point in time. Then after the specified period is completed the users will receive those funds along with the interest amount or the HEX reward whatever the case may be. The maximum duration that a user can set is 15 years. Another HEX fact is that it uses the “Proof of Wait” mechanism and all the HEX holders are rewarded in return. In this blog, we will discuss the necessary points that are here to be addressed before reaching a particular decision. 

Advantages of using HEX 

Given below is a list of those points that sound compelling to an investor:

  • No unrealistic expectations

Many of the cryptocurrency platforms tell you an unrealistic number just to attract a potential customer towards them. And then after the account has been created all the expectations that were set go into vain and the reality sinks in. Whereas if we talk about, does not provide any unrealistic expectations instead it tells its customers about the possibility of fluctuation in the price range and whether it is risky or not. 

  • Price Appreciation

The main focus of it is to provide price appreciation as much as possible. It aims to perform better than other cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BTC and many other popular cryptocurrencies.

There are many more features present in but we are not going into a deep detail of them. The two mentioned above are given just to give you a basic idea of what to you can expect from HEX. 

Process of purchasing HEX

This section will guide you through the process of purchasing HEX using a Coinbase wallet. Given below are the steps:

  • Download the application

Before you begin your purchase, download the Coinbase wallet browser extension or mobile application. To purchase HEX, it is required to have a self-custody wallet.

  • Set up a username

After the application has been downloaded create an account on it and set your username of the account. But remember to make it unique. The username can be kept private but still, it will be needed to access your account.

  • Storing of Seed Phrase

As the name suggests, you will have to secure your 12-word seed phrase safely to protect your account from getting hacked. 

  • Getting familiar with the fee structure

Before you start purchasing any of the coins you must know about its fee structure. The fee charged by the platform is not the same for every transaction, even if the amount of both transactions are same. The fluctuation in the fee depends on how busy is the network, or early you want the transaction to be completed.

  • Purchase ETH

For this, you will have to create a new account on Coinbase if not created previously. Now purchase the ETH and then transfer it to the Coinbase Wallet. The process of purchasing ETH varies from a mobile application to the browser extension so we will not be going into the detail of how to buy ETH.

  • Buy HEX using your ETH

After you have stored your ETH in the Coinbase Wallet you can swap those tokens in the exchange for HEX just by using your browser extension or your mobile application. Its detailed explanation is given in the next section of this blog.

Buying of HEX by using ETH

To do so follow our guide of steps:

  1. Tap on the Asset tab available on the screen.
  2. Next, press the Swap button.
  3. Now, select the button “Choose Asset”.
  4. Here, you will have to select the asset you want, we are talking about HEX here therefore click on HEX. 
  5. In the newly appeared text box, enter the amount of HEX you want in exchange for your ETH tokens. 
  6. While entering the amount keep in mind that some extra amount should be entered for your transaction fees. 
  7. Now confirm the purchase, then follow the further instructions given on the screen.

You can look on the official website of to know any further details. 

The Final Thoughts

Purchasing ETH and then exchanging it for HEX is the simplest way to purchase HEX. The process to buy HEX through MetaMask Wallet is given on the official website of In case of an issue open their website and look for the facility of customer service.