A short overview of the BKEX Exchange

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Founded in 2018 and run by BTC King Technologies Co., Ltd. Bkex Exchange is a relatively young exchange. It is a community-based digital asset trading platform that combines the dependability of decentralised public blockchain with the high performance of centralised trading to offer inter

BKEX was established in 2018 to provide financial services for digital assets. Presently there are 10 million users registered at Bkex Exchange. The exchange has launched over 1000 cryptocurrency pairs and over 100 crypto future derivatives. This exchange serves 100 countries and along with providing its services in cryptocurrency, it has some other products as well such as mining pool financial services, Derivatives Trading, Trading on Spot, ETP with constant leverage, Seed Incubator Pro, and many others. 

This exchange is considered one of the best blockchains in the financial industry. Its headquarters is in the British Virgin Islands and it also supports the Fiat Currency such as EUR, THB, RUB, AUD, GBP, and USD. The users can also download its mobile application to access their account

This blog will give a summary of some necessary details regarding the BKEX Exchange. 

BKEX Trading and Withdrawal fee

We know that every trade that takes place is between two parties the maker (their order already exists in the book of order before the trade begins) and the taker (they place their order and then take the matched results i.e maker's order). Makers are the ones who provide liquidity in the market and takers are the liquidity remover because they take all the orders from the market. 

The fee of the taker on the BKEX exchange is 0.20% whereas the makers here enjoy a slight discount on the trading as the fees charged for them is 0.15%. These fees are in range according to the industrial fees. 

Before going forward to trade on the BKEX you should also know about its withdrawal fees. Here the fees of withdrawal are mostly fixed even after the differences between the amount of transaction but, the fees may vary from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency. For instance, the withdrawal of BTC on this exchange is charged 0.0008 BTC which is as per the average industry rate.

BKEX Consumer Service

If the users of the BKEX Exchange face any issues while using the platform, then they can contact for the help by raising a token to the official page of BKEX which is specially designed for consumers. You can even connect with BKEX through its social media platforms. This exchange is present on many social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Linkdln. Their customer service is available 24x7 for the users and is available for users worldwide along with that it is not only available in the English language but in many other languages as well but most of it is in English. 

Final Thoughts

It should be noted that BKEX Exchange does not accept deposits of the fiat currency which means that if you are a new investor in cryptocurrency then you can not trade here because you do not possess any cryptocurrency. Because you are a beginner you have to purchase your first cryptocurrency of an entry-level. And if you want to find an entry-level exchange then you can find one online.