All About Faux Locs on Dreads?

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Elite Braids + Weaving is a leading salon in Houston specializing in hair styling, Weaving, and braiding. We are the best Afro salon with highly trained hair stylists in the city.

If you ever dreamt about having those iconic waist-length dreads, this is your chance to flaunt faux locs on dreads at the best Houston hair braiding salon.


We're specialists in adding extensions to your hair that look like part of your natural hair. Faux locs are the next best thing if you don't have the patience to wait for your natural hair to grow that long. Faux locs are incredibly easy to maintain and can be achieved faster, minus all the commitments you'd need with your natural hair.


Faux Locs at Elite Braids

Faux locs are temporary protective hairstyles where extensions are added to your natural hair. This also means you don't have to worry about damage to your natural hair. At Elite Braids, we can achieve faux locs on dreads with the following methods:


  • Braiding Wrapping

The first method is to create braids on your natural hair and then wrap extensions around each braid to achieve realistic dreads.


  • Cornrow Crochet

We can also braid your natural hair into cornrows and crocheting the faux locs into those cornrows with a latched hook.


From coarse hair extensions to more sleek extensions, wear any style you prefer and achieve the look of natural dreadlocks that is easy to maintain for a long time.


Start on your faux locs on dreads journey at Elite Braids. Our creative hairstylists can compliment your personality with butterfly locs, Bohemian locs, goddess locs, and many more styles. Schedule an appointment and make a sassy style statement with trendy hairstyles at Elite Braids.