How to debug high vacuum fume extractor supplier before use

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high vacuum fume extractor supplier

When selecting high vacuum fume extractor supplier, it is also necessary to know what the main purpose of selecting this kind of dust collector is. From the current situation, one is to achieve the effect of dust removal, the other is to recover materials, so it is necessary to focus on a certain aspect. Only in this way can it be used in daily life. In addition, in the selection, it is also necessary to judge the normative use from the perspective of functional indicators. In fact, there will be a lot of different working properties in the process of mineral production, such as the viscosity of dust, or the density of dust and so on. These need to be paid attention to, because they will also affect the selection of single dust collector.

In addition, in the daily selection of a single bag dust collector, it is also necessary to consider the humidity, temperature, concentration and so on of dust-containing gas, which need to be paid attention to in life. In the daily selection, it is also necessary to combine the environment used by itself and personal economic conditions. Although the current market price is not very high, But if there is no combination of the actual situation of the selected dust collector, it is impossible to achieve good results. Only by choosing a suitable stand-alone bag dust collector can it bring good effects, reduce the occurrence of risks, and it is not easy to have more problems, which is also a few small details that can not be ignored in the process of daily selection.

high vacuum fume extractor supplier needs personnel to debug before using. The following describes how to debug high vacuum fume extractor supplier.

I. Debugging rules:

1, the single test should be in no load state (when cut off the link with the dust removal system) to assess the function of the single.

2. Adopt practical means to evaluate the installation quality of single machine, including: the installation mode should meet the design and specifications, to meet the needs of the host; Operating parameters (voltage, current, revolution, vibration frequency), in line with the design regulations; The single machine operation process without periodic bump and other abnormal sound and continuous fever characterization; Single test time shall not be less than 4 hours; high vacuum fume extractor supplier must have the operating conditions of single unit.

Ii. Debugging Contents:

The main machine usually refers to the high vacuum fume extractor supplier, auxiliary device and ventilator which is complex in structure and composed of multiple components. Auxiliary machinery refers to the mechanical equipment supporting the functions of the main engine, including:

1, dust output facilities, including: star unloader, screw conveyor, buried scraper conveyor and dust reuse equipment;

2. high vacuum fume extractor supplier's vibration fume cleaning device, pulse fume cleaning device, rotary reverse blowing fume cleaning device, fume bucket vibration device, etc.

3. Compressed air and pressure taking device;

4. Other related equipment and control display instrument;

high vacuum fume extractor supplier