How to Fix QuickBooks Error Codes OL 203 and OL 204?

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We will talk about the QuickBooks Error Codes OL 203 & OL 204 in this article.

The top-rated and most trustworthy accounting management tool on the market today, QuickBooks, is a necessity for every company or organization. It was created specifically to quickly track all bills or invoices. The environment for small and medium-sized businesses is now experiencing the largest growth. We will talk about the QuickBooks Error Codes OL 203 OL 204 in this article.



A Brief Review of QuickBooks Error OL 203 and OL 204

Unfortunately, even though this software is great and fantastic, errors will occasionally occur. Most frequently, QuickBooks Error Codes OL 203 204 appear when configuring banking services in QuickBooks Desktop. In this informative blog content, we will give the best troubleshooting techniques for fixing various error codes.


Causes of QuickBooks Error OL 203 OL 204 

  • The QuickBooks Error OL 203 204 implies that the Internet Network Connection may occasionally have issues. 
  • QuickBooks is unable to validate the Internet connection, regardless of whether it is accurate or whether the connection has been configured incorrectly. 
  • Hardware problems, such as those with the router or modem, could be the only reason the internet network is disconnected. 
  • While working, QuickBooks Error Codes 203 and 204 may appear on your screen due to firewall network connection settings. 
  • Your company file contains one or more accounts that have a problem. 
  • issues with the import or download format. 
  • Windows or QuickBooks Desktop versions that have been discontinued. 
  • For online banking, you have to get in touch with the institution to secure your network connection. If your account has been stopped by a bank, consult a professional by calling the QuickBooks technical support number.


Methods To Fix QuickBooks Error Code OL 203 204 

To resolve QuickBooks Error OL 203 OL 204, all users must follow following instructions: 

Note: Fix such problems when we download or import your online business transactions. 


Step 1: If the TLS 1.2 Security Protocol is Accessible or Available, Enable it


  • The procedure needed to make IE's most recent version of TLS 1.2 available. 
  • First, launch Internet Explorer 11.0, the latest iteration available. When installed, confirm that the version is the newest and most recent. 
  • Click the gear icon that is located in the upper right corner of the IE browser. 
  • Go to the Advanced tab of Internet Settings and make your choice there. 
  • Then navigate to the security area by scrolling down. 
  • Thereafter, uncheck the USE TLS 1.0 checkbox. Now check the box next to USE TLS 1.2
  • Click again to make the changes. Press the OK button. 
  • Close all of your unnecessary tabs after that. 
  • Finally, restart your computer or tablet.