Molecular Distillation Equipment for sale

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Molecular Distillation Equipment for sale Product Description: Distillation vessels is a special liquid-liquid separation technology ,which is different from traditional distillation on the difference boiling point .This is a kind of distillation in high vacuum level ,for the difference of material molecular movement free path ,was carried out in the heat sensitive material or high boiling point material distillation and purification process.Short path distillation is mainly used in chemical ,pharmaceutical ,petrochemical ,spices,plastics,oil and other fields. Product Features: Instruments Features : 1. High evaporation efficiency and short residence time ,with minimal time delay . 2. The whole system consists of boro 3.3 ,316L sus and PTFE ,so it has excellent corrosion resistance. 3. Molecular distillation system (glass )can be well observed the processing of the entire material . 4. High precision distillation barrel allows the liquid to form a complete and unified thin film on the heated surface .The smooth inner surface avoid stick and scaling . 5. The magnetic force transmission system guarantees the sealing of the whole system.Min Vacuum degree can reach 0.001mbar. 6. Highest temperature of the system can reach 230-300 degree ,accurate temperature control can be realized . Product Image:锛?/strong Product Parameters: Technical Parameters : ModelEvaporation inner diameter (mm)Evaporation Area(m2)Condenser Area (m2)Feeding Rate (L/H) Optional :can choose jacketed FMD-60B60(2 inch) FMD-80B80(3 inch) FMD-100B100 (4 inch) FMD-150B150(6 inch) FMD-200B190 (8 inch )0.350.75.0---20.0 FMD-230B220 (9 inch )0.518.0---30.0 FAQ 1锛欼f we want to customize products ,can you ? Sure ,you can provide us with drawings ,or you can provide ideas ,our designers will produce drawings. 2锛欳an we have a visit in your company ? Sure ,when you want to go ,we can arrange the driver to pick you to our company . 3锛歐hich payment methods can be supported ?TT ,LC The payment method can be to our bank card and TT . 4锛欻ow long is the warranty period ? One year .But not including vacuum pump and glass. 5锛歐hat certificates does your company鈥檚 products have ? The company鈥檚 products have CE ,ISO ,and various patent certificates. Company Profile: Dumas scientific instruments was established in 2005 and is a professional manufacturer focusing on extraction ,distillation and all of laboratory machine .The main products are :molecular distillation ,thin film evaporator ,rotary evaporator ,reactor and other type of equipment. The company鈥檚 products are mainly used in various chemical ,pharmaceutical and food industries.After more than ten years of development ,we have accumulated a wealth of user groups and product application experience . The Dumas factory covers an area more than 4000 square meters.It not only has a senior design and research department,but also has a strong production capacity .The Factory has independent glass processing workshops ,stainless steel welding workshops And accessories production and processing workshops to ensure the fastest delivery time and has the most flexible customization capabilities.We have won wide market recognition base on our serious attitude in technology and sincere service to customer.Our machine has been exported to North America ,Europe ,Southeast Asia and other regions. Dumas insist 鈥渃hallenge and innovation鈥?and constantly provide customers with better service.Molecular Distillation Equipment for sale website: