Aluminum Hydroxide made in China

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Aluminum Hydroxide made in ChinaAluminum Hydroxide made in China

Aluminum Hydroxide made in China White aluminum hydroxide is generally used as a flame retardant additive in industry, which can treat gastrointestinal diseases in medical use. However, with the continuous research and development of science and technology, new water treatment agents are constantly innovating. Some water treatment agents such as poly aluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate and aluminum iron sulfate are gradually used to treat urban and industrial drinking water purification, sewage treatment, waste water treatment and water treatment. One of the most important ingredients for these water treatment agents is white aluminum hydroxide. The appearance of aluminum hydroxide for water treatment agents requires that the color should be white or light yellow with powdered or sandy crystals. And aluminum hydroxide for water treatment agent is a strong acid, strong alkali corrosive products. We must pay attention to protection, when testing or making samples.Aluminum Hydroxide made in China website: