Air Conditioner Relay

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Air Conditioner RelayAir Conditioner RelayAir Conditioner Relay

Air Conditioner Relay Our History Our company was funded in 2014, the main products are PCB relay, auto relay, power relay, solie state relay, and in 2016 we added metal button series products, in 2018 we start to produce AC Contactors. Our Factory Our factory have 1200 square meters, four automatic relay production lines, two metal button production lines and two AC Contactor production lines. The automatic relay production line is very efficient, JQC-3F(T73) PCB relay can produce 50000 pieces per day. Our Product JQC-3F relay, T90 relay, T91 relay, T93 relay, auto relay, power relay, solid state relay, metal button, push button switch, CJX1, CJX2, LC1, 3TF, 3TX, GMC contactor. Product Application Our products are mainly used in various circuit board, controller, automation equipment, distribution cabinet, distribution box, outdoor transformer, high voltage control cabinet. Our Certificate CE, TUV.Air Conditioner Relay website: