China Rod Inductors factory

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China Rod Inductors factoryChina Rod Inductors factory

China Rod Inductors factory Application range: filtering Package form: plug-in inductor Winding form: single-layer dense winding Magnetic properties: ferrite core Core shape: pot shape Working frequency: low frequency Installation method: vertical non-sealed Frame material: copper Features and Applications 鈼廘ow cost design. 鈼廢se ferrite core. 鈼廘ow DC resistance and high saturation current. 鈼廡he surface of the coil is coated with insulating paint. 鈼廏ood reliability. 鈼廘ead-free products, comply with rohs directive. 鈼廐igh-frequency magnetic ring (for anti-interference), increase the permeability, improve the quality factor of inductance, and use it in the transformer. 鈼廤idely used in power supply, power amplifier, switching power supply, output antenna and other filters, monitor TV and uninterruptible power supply, etc. High Current / Firm Structure / Diversified Specifications In the magnetic path of the magnetic rod inductor, a long section of air is required, and the magnetic resistance of the air is large and it is not easy to saturate. Wind the ordinary enameled wire or high temperature enameled wire directly on the magnetic core, the coil body is dipped (varnish), and the pins are tin-plated. It adopts high-current design to adapt to high-current circuit boards. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, firm structure (vibration and impact resistance), good moisture resistance, and easy installation.China Rod Inductors factory website: