Do You Need Video Telematics With Your Fleet Management Software?

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Fleet Management Software have evolved with solutions like video telematics, and using them is the best way to grow your fleet. Learn why through this article.

We have abandoned the fleet management system's conventional tracking procedures. Fleet managers can now operate and optimise their fleets thanks to the software's development into a complete management tool with both telematics and video telematics solutions.

Video telematics software for fleets is a result of the system's ongoing evolution. But first, it's crucial to grasp what the solution is before discussing how video telematics might impact your company. Let's learn everything there is to know about your system and how to use it from this post.

What Is Video Telematics? 

Traditionally, a fleet management system would alert managers to the whereabouts of their drivers. Video telematics, however, goes a step further. All events registered using this system provide managers with alerts as well as accompanying visual evidence.

The goal of this technology is to decrease distracted driving incidents on the road. Additionally, it warns managers and drivers if their vehicles may be in danger. This includes crashes and disobeying traffic signals. There are two distinct components to the Video Telematics system. This comprises:

DMS: Driver Monitoring System

It works with dash cams that record drivers and offer management visual proof whenever a driver is inattentive, helping fleet organisations maintain visual surveillance over their drivers. Events that cause alerts to be displayed to managers can be customised. But here are a few of the most typical ones:

  • Yawning
  • Drowsiness
  • Smoking 
  • Camera Blocking 
  • Absence of Driver
  • Driving While Using a Phone

ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance System

This technology is in charge of instantly warning managers and drivers of any hazard they might meet. This can include crashes or abrupt lane changes. It strengthens vehicle safety since it enables drivers to plan ahead and take preventive action in good time.

The cause of such notifications may also be looked into by managers. As a result, they can make adjustments to the fleet's design to reduce such risks. 

Like DMS, ADAS doesn't function with pre-programmed notifications. Instead, companies are free to decide which events they want to include in ADAS. Depending on the industry and the compositions of their fleet, this might change.

Do you Need Video Telematics System in Your Fleet Management Software? 

You’re using fleet management software because you’re operating a decent-sized organisation and know that it will only grow further, right? Well, in that case, it only makes sense for you to use a fully upgraded fleet management system. And what does a fully upgraded fleet management system have? Video Telematics!

Here are some unignorable warning signs that will tell you that your fleet business needs fleet management software. 

There Are Too Many Incidents of Accidents in Your Fleet 

This one seems quite apparent, don't you think? No fleet management company wants to spend money on pointless car repairs. But when your drivers continue to cause accidents, this becomes unavoidable. Owners must make an investment in a competent fleet management system that provides a variety of sensible solutions because of this.

The step your fleet needs to take to become safer on the roads may be video telematics. Your drivers become conscious of their activities while driving thanks to ongoing scientific research. They try to pay closer attention to their practices.

Adas also enables drivers to increase their awareness of the area around their cars. This implies that they are informed of any potential threats, even if they are not at fault. It assists in maintaining the car's condition

The Insurance Claims You Pay Are Off the Charts 

For fleets, especially those that transport shipments from one location to another, insurance is crucial. However, the majority of insurance providers offer fleet-specific pre-made plans. This implies that the price for each of your vehicles is the same. Your budget can be severely impacted by this.

Insurance providers may be convinced to reduce their rates if your fleet is equipped with a video telematics system. This is due to the fact that the extra protection will lessen the number of traffic accidents that cars experience. As a result, the organisation will incur significantly lower insurance claim expenses. As a result, your company will also save on this expense.

Additionally, video telematics facilitates the insurance claim procedure. This is due to the fact that visual proof makes it simple to see how an accident occurred and who was at fault for it. 

You Have No Clue About How Your Drivers Work 

It seems sensible to want to check on your driver's attention to detail. This is due to the fact that many people on the road ride on their backs. Distracted driving is the root cause of 14–17% of collisions. Therefore, managers might consider integrating video telematics solutions with their fleet operations if they want to ensure that their drivers give the task at hand their complete attention.

Advanced AI is used by dashcams that are put in cars and connected to vehicle tracking software to identify any indicators of driver distraction or tiredness. They promptly send an alert to the manager and a video clip of the driver in response to this suspicion.

With the right video proofs and evidence, you can now check how your drivers are driving your vehicles, working, and performing. 

Your Fleet Runs of Roads Getting Increasingly Dangerous 

The roads are getting increasingly unsafe by the day. The increasing number of collision and safety ratio on the roads is extraordinary. And it is something that can only be handled by using the right tools such as video telematics with your fleet management software. 

At the end of the day, as long as you a managing a fleet without a clue of what is happening on the inside, it is a warning sign. You need warnings from inside the vehicles to increase profits. 

Summing Up 

As long as your fleet runs on roads, it needs video telematics. The road logistics system is getting more and more unsafe every day, and only video surveillance can make it safer. So, if your business is big enough and you want it to grow, using video telematics with your fleet management software is the way to go. 

If you’re not already using any custom fleet management solution, we would suggest using TrackoBit. It is one of the fastest-growing telematics software out there that will cater to all your digital or analogue data needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get your demo already!

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