OSRS Mining Money Making Guide 2023

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Mining is a comparatively slow skill in osrs but it's also a great way to make money while skilling. Here are some easy mining strategies that can generate money for P2P players in osrs.

OSRS Mining adamant ore 110kg GP/H


Mining ores in the F2P worlds is among the most popular and lucrative opportunities to earn cash. Adamant ores is one of the most profitable ways to earn money once you begin to learn the game. Al-kharid and the mining guild are the most well-known sites to mine adamant.


It is easy. Grab your pickaxe, then click on the ore and the character will begin to mine until the ore is transformed into a gray color, to show that the ore has been mined. After mining, jump into the next one and do the same.


Mining iron ore in mining guild 30k GP/H


Mining iron ore is one of the most well-known choices of players to make money in the F2P world. It is only 15 mining levels required the mining of iron ore. It is possible to mine iron ore faster by completing 60 levels of mining to access the mining guild and the nearest bank.


The mining guild is situated south that of the falador bank.When you're within the mining guild, there are four iron ore deposits close. This boosts your profit per hour.Mining iron ores is as easy as, wield the pickaxe and click on the available ores.When your inventory is full, head to the falador bank to deposit the iron ores and then return to continue mining.


Mining runite ore in Deep Wilderness - 400k GP/H


Runite is the most valuable ore in the game, becoming very sought-after and popular with the F2P and P2P players. One of the flaws in F2P is that the ranite ore is found in the deep wilderness , making it hard to get and dangerous to players who mine it.


The runite ore can be found inside the lava maze in the photo you can be able to see the exact location.Mining ore is very easy simply select the ore using the pickaxe in your hand and the character will take care of the rest.The runite ore will take some time to regenerate, after having mined the ores, you can move to the next world.When you've got an inventory of items, head to level 20 of the wilderness, and then cast a teleport to an area that is safe.


Mining Gemstones Up to 550K Per Hour


Mining gemstones is an easy way to make some extra money through P2P mining since it has pretty low level demands and a huge profit.


Make use of your karamja glove 3 to teleport to the mine and begin mining! It's possible that you'll need to go around the world since you'll need access to all mines to make the most profit per hour. A bank deposit box can be found within the mine.


It is possible to mine these without the karamja gloves of the hard diaries of Karamja but this means you'll be unable to gain access to an underground mine as that is where the most rocks are, therefore your earnings per hour are much less.


Mining Basalt Up To 500K Per Hour


The players who have made friends with me have acces to the mine located below Weiss. Here , you can mine basalt which will be used to make what is known as the Icey and Stoney basalt teleportation method. Basalt is a great way to earn an impressive profit, but, it's not an effective mining method for training. Basalt mining can only give you approximately 7k in experiences per hour.


Mining Amethyst up to 350K Per Hour


Amethyst mining is an excellent AFK method of earning money mining. Amethyst is slow, making it so AFKable but that also means the experience rates are bad with only 20K per hour.