Lovakengj Favour OSRS

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100% Old School Runescape Lovakengj Favour Guide For OSRS Newbie

Welcome to this 100 percent Lovakengj House Favour Guide.This article gives a brief description of why you should be granted 100% favour, the requirements, and the most efficient ways to attain 100%. Lovakengj Favour is among the slowest houses to do during the Great Kourend. However, it is able to be increased speed by having a decent Smithing level.


Why Do We Get Favored?


A few of the benefits for reaching 100% are vital to creating a foundation for your account. With 65% favor you are granted access to the Lovakengj Mine cart network, which offers fast transport to six locations. With 100 percent Lovakengj Favor, you're allowed to use this Blast Mine. The Blast Mine allows you to mine 10 levels more than your current level, which gives you a an excellent share of profit and experiences.


There's also an Elite Clue that requires you to create Shayzien two armours. This requires 40% Favour for completion. I'd be aware that as of an update last year in 2018, you no longer have to secure your favour in any of the houses. They no longer decrease when you gain favour in any of the other houses. The Client for Kourend Quest no longer rewards double the favour.


Strategies to Win Favor


Therefore, all in all there are five options to gain Lovakengj Favour. First of all, mining Volcanic Sulphur, and each one you mine has a one out of 3 chance to grant you 0.1% favour. This means that each is equivalent to 0.033% favour. Along with sulphur, and a wide range of other ingredients, you can create Dynamite as well as the entire process that is completed results in 0.1 per cent favor.


At 30percent you are able to start making Shayzien Armour sets, and making the more advanced sets of armour is the fastest way possible to get Lovakengj Favour.


When you've reached the 65% mark, you are able to give out Minecart Scrolls in each Minecart site which will each give 5% favour, totaling 25%. It is advised to begin this process when you have unlocked the game, or prior to achieving 75% so that you can get to 100%.


You can also get yourself 10 percent Lovakengj Favour Certificate after completing the Forsaken Tower Quest, which requires 20 percent Lovakengj Favour, and completing the Client of Kourend Quest.


Time Comparison


In terms of the time each one takes, durations vary widely, depending on your levels.All of these require going through to 75% favour, and then completing the Mine Cart Scrolls to 100 100%. Mining Sulphur only to 75% can take anywhere from 2 up to 5 hours, depending the Mining level you are at.


Making Dynamite is a lengthy duration process, just like farming, since you need to make Juniper Charcoal, and it takes 16 hours to make the charcoal, and you can spend doing other skills. However, once you've got the charcoal, getting to 75% creating Dynamites will take 1 - 2 hours using a standard account.


But, as an Ironman is a great example, it can take more than 4 hours.Creating Armour is the fastest way as I said. Even though, the unlocked armour at 30% is about the same speed as creating Dynamite. Therefore, it's better to begin at 40 percent. Up to 75% if you made Tier 2 3, 4, and 5 armour. This will only take 30 minutes to an hour. It does, however, have extremely demanding standards.


The Fastest Way to 100 percent


In the end, if you want to go from to 100%-100% favour The fastest way to do this is by mining Sulphur from 0 to 20%. Then, you can play the Forsaken Tower Quest at 20% to 30% favour. Then, increase armour to 75 percentage. And then, 100% with then the Minecart Scrolls.




The sole requirement to get all the way through to 100% favour is having at a minimum 42 Mining. The reason for this is to mine Sulphur. Being able to mine higher levels of Mining as I stated will increase your favorability.


If you plan to make Dynamite to please, you will also need 42 Woodcutting as well as Mining. Creating armour has even higher requirements. You require 65 Mining and 53 Smithing for tier one armour. To be able to do a better favour per hour, it's recommended to have 63 Smithing with three levels - 73, 85 and 93 being more desirable. A higher Mining level, as always, is superior, since you will extract more quickly.


Each method also require specific armours and food needs. But, I'll go into more about these requirements when I go into depth of each one.


How do I Mine Sulphur?


So, starting off with extracting Volcanic Sulphur... Its Sulphur Mine is located at the North Western end of the Lovakengj region. To mine, you will certainly require a pickaxe. But, you will also require a way to cover your face, which could be a face mask gas mask, a face mask or an Slayer helmet.


There are many Sulphur mines around the mine. But, my favourite one to utilize is to the westbecause it is the least populated with clouds, and there are lots of obstacles and walls that block them.


In the vicinity the clouds will deal 1 or 2 damage whenever you're in close proximity to them. They are unique in that they will only inflict damage if you are located to the south or to the east of them. So, this makes standing on the southwestern corners of the Sulphur rock the most ideal place to reduce the damage.


I came across some articles concerning people who use the close-by Spider to stop clouds going onto you. I've tried it for about two hours but it does not alter any thing. Clouds will ignore any NPC or player encounters and then shifts over them.


In the cases where a cloud does go under you or near your home, you'll require food. It is extremely dangerous in low-levels. Clouds consistently hit 1s and 2s each tick. If you're able to score only 10 - 20 Hitpoints, you will need to keep an eagle monitor of your client. So, with that you'll need bring food. If you are a player of higher levels, the best to bring along is Saradomin brews, which has 99 Hitpoints. It heals 64 Hitpoints in a single drink.


If a cloud does begin to affect you, and doesn't move quickly away, I suggest swapping the angle you're standing on. If there's a cloud there as well then you must run to the vent towards the north, or you could quickly jump between worlds so that you can mine again in a short time. Since the respawn time for each fully extracted Sulphur rock is roughly 15 seconds, I suggest jumping worlds once you finish mining one of them. This is because even if you do take damage from the clouds, it will not count as a reason to suspend your game because you are fighting. It does not count as combat.


To go from 0% to 75% requires 2853 Sulphur that, as I said requires 2 to 5 hours. Depending on your mining level. The process is fairly simple. It is possible to either drop or store the Sulphur that you collect. However, it depends on whether or not you want to create Dynamite for favour.