Breath Analyzer Market Outlook Growth Emerging Technological Demand Forecast 2028

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A breath analyzer is an electronic medical device used to calculate or measure drug or alcohol.

A breath analyzer is an electronic medical device used to calculate or measure drug or alcohol content in the human body. Breath analyzers are widely used in the Asia Pacific region to detect diseases, such as ulcers, jaundice, and lactose intolerant and to detect the alcohol as well as drug content in human body. There are two types of breath analyzer including small hand-held and larger breath analyzers. Technologies used in breath analyzers are infrared spectrophotometer technology, semiconductor oxide sensor and electrochemical fuel cell technology.


The rising number of drink and drive cases signifies one of the major factors strengthening the breath analyzer market growth in the APAC region. For instance, in India many incidences of drunk driving cases are now owing to urbanization and increasing affluence. Driving under the influence (DUI) or drunk driving is a criminal offence in the country under the Motor Vehicle Act. Besides, the increasing numbers of drug abuse in offices, educational institutions and restaurants are accelerating the demand for breath analyzers in the region. Moreover, the expanding application areas of breath analyzers in the healthcare sector is further impelling the market growth.

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The study analyses Asia Pacific breath analyzer market based on technology, application, end user and country. 


Various technologies such as fuel cell, semiconductor oxide sensor, and infrared (IR) spectroscopy are covered in the Asia Pacific breath analyzer market report. The fuel cell segment followed by semiconductor oxide sensor, and infrared (IR) spectroscopy is expected to observe lucrative growth during the projection period. Infrared technology based breath analyzers allow a high degree of specificity for ethanol. Most of the breath analyzers, especially alcohol breath analyzers currently used for evidential purposes use infrared spectrometry as the analytical principle for identification and quantitative analysis of ethanol. This is ultimately improving the segment growth. 


The market finds its applications in alcohol detection, drug abuse detection, medical applications and others. Alcohol detection segment dominated the market in 2020 and is expected to witness fast growth during the forecast period. Nowadays, number of road accidents are happening owing to the alcohol consumption of the person who is driving the vehicle. Thus, drink and drive is the major cause for road accidents in almost all countries in APAC region. Thus, increasing use of breath analyzers along with the rising introduction of government’s rules and regulations to prevent road accidents is boosting the growth of the market.


Based on end user, the market is segmented into law enforcement agencies, enterprises, individuals, and others. The law enforcement agencies segment witnessing the fastest growth of the market. However, enterprises segment is likely to observe lucrative growth opportunities in the coming years. Increasing awareness regarding breath analyzers, rising adoption of this devices by police department to provide proof of the crime and surged applications of breath analyzers in business companies to maintain corporate environment are some of the major factors that supporting the healthy growth of the market. 


Country wise, the study is comprised of the key countries such as China, India, Japan and rest of Asia Pacific. The economies such as China and India held the largest and second largest market share of Asia Pacific breath analyzer market and are likely to dominate the market over the estimated time frame. Likewise, countries such as Australia, Vietnam and others are also likely to witness rapid growth. The primary growth factors such as increasing population of the countries such as China and India, rising old age population along with increasing prevalence rate of respiratory diseases, and thereby rising research on the medical applications of breath analyzers are accredited to the growth of the market in APAC region. 


The major key players of market includes Drägerwerk AG Co. KGaA, MPD, Inc, Lifeloc Technologies, BACtrack, Inc, Quest Products, Inc, Akers Biosciences, Inc, Intoximeter, Inc, AK GlobalTech Corporation, Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corporation, EnviteC-Wismar GmbH, Lion Laboratories Ltd, Pas Systems International, Guth Laboratories, Inc, Alcolizer Technology, Alcopro, Inc, Andatech Private Ltd, Alere, C4 development, Advanced Safety Devices and Bedfont Scientific Limited among others.

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