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For videos, it is advised to record the entire process of delivery and the entire process

 To prove that the work was damaged prior to arriving at your residence, documentation is essential. With the ubiquity of cell phone cameras sportness sport ness Website sport ness us sportsable sports able Website sports able us alldaysports all day sports Website 

 For videos, it is advised to record the entire process of delivery and the entire process, which includes opening the crate and removing the artwork, and inspecting it for damage.

 If you notice damage Take close-up photographs of the compromised areas and include a reference for scale (like a measuring tape, pencil or perhaps your

 finger). While some damage may result from human error, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to accept an inferior artwork.

 The item was in excellent condition when it was purchased.


 Make sure that the packing materials are up to date and preserved


 Certain packing materials may cause more harm than good, particularly if they're not used correctly. Bubble-wrapped painting

 The bubbles that are visible, even without a layer of plastic sheeting, can cause holes in the surface of your painting. This is because art is a form of expression.

 Either by the gallery's staffer, artist or the shipping company, wrap it in a way that is not correct

 Photographing the process of packing artwork is essential. Did the work have adequate protection around the corners? Often,

 If artwork isn't handled properly, it can crack or exhibit signs that they are cracking or dinging. This is particularly the case for media with weak edges.

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 think photographic prints on aluminum sheets or on paper.