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Collectors and museums with significant collections can enjoy a 20% discount.

 You can negotiate prices, but only to a limited extent. fashiondo fashion do Website fashion do co uk energyfashion energy fashion Website energy fashion us world-dating-partners 

 Collectors and museums with significant collections can enjoy a 20% discount. A lot of haggling can reflect poorly on your character and could result in an "do."

 If your tactics are too aggressive or aggressive, you should not be listed on the "not-sell" list

 It's not a wise option to bypass a gallery or buy directly from the artists they represent. The artist is in a difficult situation.

 It could damage their professional relationships and your reputation with dealers, which could affect your ability to purchase works in.

 The future.


 Do: Request a condition report


 Whether you are purchasing from an auction house or directly from the artist, it's common to ask for a condition report for the art you're looking at,

 Particularly for historical works which are part of the "secondary market"

 While there isn't a standard template that fits all condition reports there are some common standards. An illustration is provided in a lot of condition reports.

 The artwork is marked with notes of any markings. The following is an example of a condition report taken from Georgia O'Keeffe museum.

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 Depending on the value of the item in question, it might make sense to pay for an independent third person to finish the condition report, although the cost of that

 The service will likely be provided at your expense.