estimate the amount

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You can estimate the amount you can afford on specific pieces by looking

The prices for sculptures and paintings are reasonable, which could also appreciate over the years which gives you more pride.

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 You can also buy artworks by artists who are living. This is a great way to support the arts and also give back.

 Your art collection.

 Do: Set your budget beforehand


 Before beginning your art research, it's a good idea to establish your budget.

 Shipping costs could be thousands of dollars depending upon the scope of the work. Certain

 Outdoor sculptures and other works might require regular maintenance. Therefore, it is important to determine the potential expenses of maintaining the artwork.

 Once you've decided on a price range you are comfortable with, you can begin conducting market research. There are a lot of art markets online.

 You can estimate the amount you can afford on specific pieces by looking at their published prices. Artwork Archive's Discovery Platform, Artsy, Artspace is accessible for browsing.

 1stDibs or Platform are only a couple of examples.

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 Don't ask for an offensive discount, or try to remove the gallery.