damaged crates

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Accepting delivery of damaged crates will only work against you in long-term

 Accepting delivery of damaged crates will only work against you in long-term. Therefore, try your best to be there at all times during the delivery.

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 you can inspect the crate/box/tube you can inspect the crate, box, and so on. Before you sign off, inspect the box/crate. If you are unable to be present and the crate is damaged, it is left to be repaired, it will be discarded

 Do not worry even if you're not there yet. There are ways you can ensure the security of your investment.

 Photograph everything.


 Documentation is essential to prove that the damage was done prior to it reaching your home. With cell phone cameras everywhere,

 For videos, it is advised to film the entire delivery process and the entire process, which includes opening the crate, taking off the artwork and inspecting it for any damage.

 Photograph any damage, and add a reference to the scale, like a measuring tape, pencil or even your finger.

 finger). Sometimes, there is no way to avoid damage.

 The item was in excellent condition at the time of purchase.

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 It is important to document and save the packing materials.


 Some packing materials can cause more harm than good, particularly if they are not properly used. Bubble-wrapped painting