OSRS 1-99 Fletching Guide: Fastest Training Profit

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Fletching involves creating the ranged weaponry, including bows, darts, arrows, and other things. Many players prefer to master the skill to earn income, and many would like to remove it from the way in a short time.

Many players think this is one of the easiest ways to attain the famous level of 99 in which case it will be the fastest. Some methods can even allow you to profit with minimal input. In this Fletching guide, we will guide you through the most profitable method, the most efficient method (zero speed method) and a few other techniques in between.

Quests that offer Fletching points

Before we get right into the Fletching guide, let's discuss quests that grant us experience rewards in that Fletching skill. For quests that provide Fletching experience, we suggest that you complete at least Animal Magnetism. Any account that will be making use of the ranged skills will require this anyways, so it's best that you skip the first few levels by doing the quest. It's also required to complete the Animal Magnetism additionally requires The Restless Ghost, Ernest the Chicken as well as Priest of Peril. Many players also complete The Fremennik Trials to subsequently do Fremennik Isles for The Helm of Neitiznot, but because it comes with more requirements for combat however, it's not required when beginning on the path to fletching.

Fletching training guide with profit


If you're looking to earn money by the skills of fletching particularly if interested in afk techniques, this may be the method to use. Stringing and cutting bows to 99 fletching is regarded as the most traditional method of learning although it may not be as fast than other methods described in this Fletching guide however, it could earn you a cool 20 Million Coins or so! These prices are at the time of writing, and we will include a link on the website where you can examine the cost or earnings down below!

Fastest Fletching Training Method (Zero Time Darts)


The fastest method to reach the level 99 of Fletching is to achieve level 99. Fletching skill is actually known as Zero Time training. Certain actions such as making darts and bolts can be accomplished while performing other tasks like practicing Hunter, Slayer, Agility or even doing farm runs. If you have expendable cash, the best rate of experience comes from the most advanced darts you can make. This table contains information on every stage of the darts. Remember, the GP per XP calculation will not be precise after the guide has been online for a few days. For the most accurate price analysis, utilize the Fletching Calculator linked at the at the bottom the guide.


Be aware that if you plan to learn how to flytch exclusively with darts, you'll require level 10 Fletching from questing in combination with other Fletching techniques such as carving Arrow Shafts. Many players opt to carve Arrow Shafts to the level of 10 using this technique if they do not have Fletching at level 10 yet.


Learning your Fletching skill up to 99 using darts may take as little as four hours or less , provided you have the money to purchase all the equipment required. It will, however, cost over 100M to accomplish this. If you would prefer this method to enjoy the most rapid experience, but do not have the gold required, consider buying gold from us! Unfortunately, you're able to purchase 14,000 dart tips of each level in a single day via the Grand Exchange. If that's not a burden you are ready to tackle the lucrative method described above or the faster methods below may be of interest to you.


Other Methods of Zero Time method (Bolts)


Darts don't have to be the only means you earn Fletching expertise while working on the other abilities you have. Bolts are a affordable way to get your Fletching up without using any of your actual in-game time. As you can see, all of the types of bolts currently cost less than 4 GP per an XP, aside from bronze bolts. It is very easy to find a different way to increase your Fletching to 39 levels and then begin to make iron bolts during your agility training at a rooftop , like. In fact, if you are able to fletch 55 points and you have purchased the broader fletching perk (300 slayer points) from a master slayer who can help you make broad bolts. This could result in into a income in the amount of 1.33 GP per XP. Learning to train your Fletching from 5 to 99 in this way can yield you over 15 million coins. Keep in mind that if you produce excess gold, don't hesitate to offer it for sale to us! We buy gold with real money! Additionally, the price of GP per XP may not be completely accurate after it has been out for a while. For the most accurate price analysis, use our Fletching Calculator linked below.

Semi Zero Time Methods


There are other (Semi) Zero Time methods that have lower rates of success than throwing darts. They can consume a tiny fraction of your actual time if you are training for another skill as stated above. You simply need at the very least 1.2 minutes (two gaming ticks) between your other actions for them to be effective. They're also much less costly than making darts. These methods are described below.


Arrows and Javelins


Making Arrows or Javelins are easy to do without taking up any of your time. In addition, they have experience rates much higher than the profitable methods shown above. They also cost less in terms of darts than every experience point, with the exception of Rune Arrows, Iron Javelins as well as Amethyst Javelins. They could be a great option for those who want to build the skill up quickly or while training Agility for example and don't have huge amounts of coins for darts. Keep in mind that the GP per XP is not accurate after this guide has been online for a few days. To ensure the most accurate price analysis, use this Fletching Calculator linked below.

Tipping Bolts


Another strategy to consider is adding some tips on bolts. This can be done within two in-game ticks just like making arrows or javelins. It doesn't bring in quite the same amount of experience, but it can earn you money! Actually, once you reach level 84 Fletching you can include tips on dragon bolts. Making dragon bolts with diamonds at the time of writing this guide will earn you the enthralling amount of experience points at 210,000 per hour. That's more than 9 GP for every XP. Doing this from level 84 to level 99 you can earn over 100,000,000 coins! Keep in mind that if you have more gold than what you need You can always convert your RS gold in to real money by selling your gold to us! Additionally, the value of GP per XP may not be as accurate after this guide has been in place for a time. To get the most precise price analysis, make use of an online Fletching Calculator linked below.

Alternative Methods




At the level of 40 Fletching, you can choose to create battlestaves using the bark of the cestrus. This technique gives around 136,000 hours of experience, which is far superior to any of the profitable methods until you are at least level Fletching. This is when you can string maple longbows. Certain players choose to carve battlestaves all the up to level 80, when they can string or carve magic shortbows, which grant much more hours of experience than battlestaves. At the time of writing this article the cost of making battlestaves is around 2.8 GP per XP (Check this when you are reading for exactness), which would cost five million coins. If you need assistance paying for this, we offer gold!


Redwood Shields


When you reach level 92, Fletching you can stop making or stringing magic longbows in order to carve redwood shields! It gives you about 168,000 experience points per hour, which is significantly better than carving magic longbows. If you've been stringing magical longbows up to level 92, we would recommend using it for the rest of your life as it provides more enjoyable and has the capability to make you gold! In the end, this method costs approximately one GP for every the XP (Check your reading at this time to ensure accuracy) gained, and would cost over 6,000,000 coins between levels 92 and level 99.