How you can rank your homepage is Not a Priority.

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How you can rank your homepage is Not a Priority.


What should you be focusing on instead?

Optimizing your homepage is among  of the biggest errors in SEO. Although companies may wish to rank every keyword in order to boost their visibility, your site is not able to be ranked for every keyword.


This is a good illustration of how complex it is. The business's owner started by listing only some services on their home page. But as their business expanded, they began to add more keywords to the structure of their page.  getguestpost It gets confusing really quick, and that's exactly what Google thinks about it.


If Google isn't sure what keyword to rank, their AI could end up not ranking either. This is when you'll see a page that ranks first and then is replaced by another. This could lead to not optimizing each page fully.


This screenshot comes taken from Ahrefs  Get Guest Post the SEO tracking tool. Each color graph is a unique page of the site.


We suggest creating different pages for each rank topic. Make use of your homepage as your voice as well as your overall topic, but place each page on the desired keyword relating to the page. This will lead visitors to the correct website to find the item or service they are looking for.


Your homepage can be used to provide links to different product pages. Call to action can be used to attract potential customers Website to your homepage in order to establish links to those pages. These will include links from your homepage, and also external links to pages that are more specific to you.


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