How to do Assignments in UK? | Step-by-Step Guide to get Good Grades

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if you want to like get really good marks in assignments so you need to like thoroughly understand like what they are expecting guys so first whenever you receive uh the document as to how you know what to do in assignments just make sure that you understand every single thing properly and


 when i was in my masters so i thought it'll be useful for you guys as well i used to use that sometimes so you can use that for paraphrasing so that will paraphrase for you and i also used to cite them like i used to cite them then and there you know what some people do they take uh you know few lines from different journals and they they think that you know i can like cite that later on but then they forget like where they got it from so do not do that i just i i did that few times so that's how i learned not to do that so basically whenever i take a i take few sentences or the concept from different journals i cite them immediately so i used to use cite this for me a website to reference my assignments here usually all the universities follow harvard referencing style i'm sure like there are other universities which use different referencing style as well but in this side this for me we do have like different options available if you want different referencing style that is available as well .

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so yeah that will be really useful for you guys as well so once i get all the information i paraphrase it i reference it then and there and i and then i write you know something on my own as well related to the topic i do have some understanding of the topic because it's related to my subject right so i do like write something on my own i put that in and then i combine all of it and once i finish all of it i make sure i read every single thing and make sure it makes sense because it's very important because we do like bring different different lines or different things from different journals and put it together so it should also make sense in there so i make sure that i read all of the document again and again to make sure i'm not like you know losing the path or something like that so once i feel like you know i have done everything right and everything looks great i also grammar check it and also what word count is really important guys just remember you know if you like go over the word count they will like reduce your marks or if it's like really below as well you're going to lose mark.

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 so it's only going to be like plus 10 or minus 10 percent like you can go 10 about 10 below not more than that so make sure you're keeping you know an eye on the word count as well you cannot just put in like whatever you feel relevant so you need to be really careful as to what you only you can only keep what's important so make sure you do that so i check my word count i usually check my word count like every single time i just to make sure i'm not going overboard so i'll check my word count again and then i also make sure my grammar is right that is also very important guys even though we speak really good english there are few grammatical mistakes we all usually do we cannot like read every single line and identify those mistakes by ourselves i use a website called grammarly so that's really helpful as well you can just put entire content in there and it automatically corrects the grammatical mistakes for you so so that your document is really you know good and grammatical error is free.