Why Choose To Use a Slow Pet Food Dispenser For Your Dog?

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Recently, many friends have seen slow pet food dispensers popular,

Recently, many friends have seen slow pet food dispensers popular, what is the reason for this, is that dogs generally have the habit of swallowing food in large mouths for eating, in order to change this eating habit use slow pet food dispenser, and then the wind swept the residual eating habits improved, and then it was replaced with ordinary pet food dispenser, so I changed it back again. There are many users who may be curious as to why they should choose the slow pet food dispenser for their dogs, does it really work when they use it, and today I will give you a little bit of experience and feeling after using it.

Slow Pet Food Dispenser

The Dangers Of Dogs Eating Too Fast

The dog's own oral cavity determines that it is good at tearing, but the chewing aspect is not particularly good. Dogs eating too fast will bring a relatively large burden and injury to the stomach and intestines. Some dogs do not eat much, but it is easy to gain weight may also be because of eating too fast, so dog owners need to eat too fast for the dog's behavior to be properly corrected.

What Is a Slow Pet Food Dispenser And What Are Its Main Functions?

In various shopping sites, dog owners can see various kinds of slow pet food dispensers, the price also varies, but basically are set certain obstacles, and thus the dog-eating speed intervenes. For some dogs, eating that the wind rolls especially fast, in the long run, will affect the dog's digestion and absorption, especially some dogs have weak stomachs, in the long run, will cause damage to the gastrointestinal.

The slow pet food dispenser is designed to slow down the speed of dog eating, but many dog owners have a lot of worries before using it, such as whether can the dog eat with such a complicated pet food dispenser, and what if the dog is in a hurry to eat?

First of all, dog owners do not worry, the dog's tongue is longer and more soft and flexible, using a slow pet food dispenser is able to eat the food, and will not eat completely, but the speed is slower, so the dog owners do not need too much to intervene, let the dog slowly eat on it.

Secondly, some dogs are particularly anxious to use, and even angry bowls are overturned and chewed, these are very bad behavior habits, the dog owner must properly stop, do not let this situation continue to develop. At this point, the dog owner can let the dog sit down, quiet for a few seconds, and then continue to eat, if there is a similar behavior, continue to stop eating, let the dog keep quiet, a few times down the dog will understand that some behavior is not allowed, otherwise there is no food to eat.

The slow pet food dispenser can change the problem of your dog eating too fast, but it can't solve the situation that he doesn't chew his meals. In other words, the dog will eat slower after using the slow pet food dispenser, but dogs that don't like to chew will still not chew, so don't think that with a slow pet food dispenser, the dog in the house will eat and chew. In fact, for dogs that like to gobble, it takes a long process to form the habit of chewing.

Why Dog Owners Are Recommended To Use The Slow Pet Food Dispenser Repeatedly?

For dogs in the growth period, the speed of eating is very fast, basically, two bites did not, and sometimes will not digest well, so the purchase of a slow pet food dispenser, after the use of eating not so fast, intestines also a lot. After six months of use, I wanted to see if it would be okay to give German Shepherd back to the ordinary rice bowl to eat, and after changing over it will indeed eat slowly.

If you have more ideas or suggestions about slow pet food dispensers, please feel free to discuss them.