MBBS In Georgia

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'MBBS in Georgia' has always been an attraction for Indian students. Georgia is a popular destination among students for medical education abroad. MBBS in Georgia offers world-class research infrastructure, quality education and cross-cultural experience.

The experience of studying 'MBBS in European countries has always proved to be the best for Indian students and Georgia is famous for medical education all over the world.

It is desirable for every medical student to include an international degree in their curriculum. For students who want to study MBBS in Europe, Study MBBS in Georgia is worth noting. There are 25 NMC-approved medical universities in Georgia.

At the junction of Europe and Asia lies a small country called Georgia. Georgian medical colleges are regulated by National Medical Commission (NMC) and World Health Organization (WHO) and other medical bodies. Medical schools in Georgia offer excellent infrastructure and international standard medical education.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has accredited major institutes, colleges and universities in Georgia. MBBS in Georgia is popular among medical students for its affordable medical education. Hence, MBBS in Georgia can be a perfect choice for Indian medical aspirants.


Why choose Georgia to study MBBS?

The benefits of studying MBBS in Georgia for Indian students are explained below:

Medical universities in Georgia are accredited by the WHO and UNESCO.

Students studying MBBS in Georgia may have the opportunity to take exams and work as a medical clerk from the 1st semester. It will also help to improve the skills of the students.

Georgia Medical Universities does not solicit donations of any kind.

Students get many excellent options for internships or postgraduate courses in the country.

Universities in Georgia are well equipped with the best technology and infrastructure.

All medical universities in Georgia offer excellent accommodation for students and make Indian food easily available to students.

MBBS admission in Georgia is actually a very affordable option for Indian students because there are many universities in Georgia that offer MBBS at low fees.

Georgia is a completely safe country. Students can easily travel on public transport such as buses and trains.

The best international pedestals.

Approximately, 50% discount on transportation for international students.