How to Add Luxury to your Custom Luxury Gift Boxes

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A presentable gift box is made when you are able to choose an outstanding design. It asks for exquisite printing quality.

The custom luxury gift boxes are meant to provide the customers with the most memorable box opening experience. They have a sole purpose of making their loved ones feel special. 

The beautifully decorated christmas packaging wholesale increases the value of the gift manifold. Whether it is someone’s birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, any special occasion, or you simply want to let your loved ones know that they are loved, a beautifully packed gift is enough to say it all.

However, making the perfect gift boxes isn’t the easiest of jobs. It requires a lot of innovation and asks for creativity. A presentable gift box is made when you are able to choose an outstanding design. It asks for exquisite printing quality. Hence, while entrusting a packaging company with this responsibility of designing your gift boxes, make sure they have the experienced staff capable of accomplishing this challenging task.

Given below are a few things to consider while getting your luxury gift boxes made by a box manufacturing company.

Go for the Sturdiest Possible Stock Options

Your custom luxury gift boxes should be durable enough to provide the maximum protection to the precious gift items. A sturdy box is important not only for the purpose of safety but also for the presentation. Most customers go for the non bendable strong card stock. This is because it gives a premium and luxurious look to the boxes. A solid box can protect your gifts the best while enhancing their value.

However, the stock you choose largely depends upon the nature of the product and the weight to be put inside the box. Most companies offer a stock option ranging from 18pt to 24pt. Choose the one according to your needs but make sure it protects your products well. Moreover, it is a good idea to go for recycled stock. It will help enhance your company’s goodwill and can still provide the required strength to keep the products safe. 

Be Innovative while Selecting the Box Design

A unique and attractive design is the first and the foremost step towards a successful luxury gift box. The box manufacturing companies offer a huge variety of box designs when it comes to the gift boxes. What suits you the best depends upon the nature of your product.

You can go for the sleeve boxes, hexagon boxes, gable boxes, pouch boxes, rigid magnetic boxes, or a huge variety of other designs. Besides, these designs can further be customized to add a tinge of uniqueness and satisfy your specific needs.

Moreover, if you are planning to design a gift boxes which holds more than one product from a brand, you can go for the luxury boxes with compartments. They are an excellent way to present a comprehensive luxury gift box which carries several items placed neatly in their respective compartments. 

Besides, small windows can also be added to the rigid gift boxes. One or more windows in the die cut luxury gift boxes will help enhance the appearance of the boxes. You can go for additional beautifying features like brooches, laces, ribbons, etc for an extra premium look. The options are as limitless as you can imagine.

Select an Appropriate Final Coating

There is no such thing as a luxury gift box without a final coating in today’s retail world.  If you haven’t finished your custom box well all the effort is wasted no matter how beautiful the design is or how professional the printing is. 

A final finishing makes your box look elite. It gives your boxes a premium look and adds a lot to the value of the items inside. It not only has to do with creating a classic impression, but also provides an additional layer of protection especially for the printed stuff. The final coating protects the printed graphics and text and helps against early wear. 

Some of the coating options offered by various box manufacturing companies include aqueous coating, gloss finish, matte finish, semi gloss finish, rose gold coating, and a number of other options. Select the one that suits your brand’s persona and add a touch of luxury to your custom gift boxes. Make them stand out from the rest.