Islands and Exotic Beaches

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St. Martin has a total of 36 beaches and each beach has its own atmosphere. Some beaches have high waves and are suitable for surfers

Saint Martin is located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea. The island is divided between France and the Netherlands, with the Dutch side having the largest population. It is one of the four countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its French side is known for its shopping, clothing, beaches and rich Indian and French-Caribbean cuisine. The Dutch side of the island is known for exotic drinks made from the local rum-based guava wine, exotic beaches, jewelry, festive nightlife and huge casinos.

St. Martin has a total of 36 beaches and each beach has its own atmosphere. Some beaches have high waves and are suitable for surfers, while some beaches are suitable for children because they are quiet. Most of St. Martin's beaches are populated by tourists, especially honeymooners. Some beaches are small and located on rocky cliffs. On the other hand, some of its beaches are very long. The most common and interesting thing on all beaches is white sand and transparent water.
Some of the most famous beaches of St. Maarten on the Dutch side are:

Cupecoy Beach:

Unlike any other beach on the island, the sandstone cliffs give Cupecoy Beach a stunning golden setting. This beach, protected from the winds, is perfect for those who like to "bake" in the sun. Sleeping in the Caribbean Sea or sleeping on the edge of the waves is often recommended. This beach is the semi-official St. Martin nude beach.

Mhow Beach:

It is a great place to watch the sunset. This "modest area of ​​sand" is just meters from the runway of Princess Juliana International Airport.
So, take out your camera to capture unforgettable moments! It will come close to a large plane landing anywhere else in the world. Relax on the beach, catch some rays and photograph the floor of a 747 a few meters overhead. If you're not so brave, you can watch planes take off and land at Sunset Beach Bar; It is located at the other end of Maho Beach in the shape of a horseshoe. This bar is a great place to hang out, listen to tons of tunes, and rock some frozen mudslides.

Don Beach:

This wide, white-sand beach backs up to the gorgeous, green mountains of Holland St. Maarten for miles. There's plenty of room to play paddleball or throw a frisbee. Its smooth waters make it one of the best dive sites in St. Martin.
If you want to relax or unwind and work on your tan, it's easy to find peace and quiet. Beach chairs and umbrellas are available everywhere when you are on World travel.
Some of the most famous St. Martin beaches on the French side have:

  • anse marcel beach
  • Bai Long Beach
  • Grand Case Bay Beach
  • Le Gallien beach
  • Orient Bay Beach
  • Bloom Bay Beach and more

St. Martin is one of the best exciting places to spend your vacation and witness the beauty of nature.