Little Demon God

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"Others can, but Brother Yao can't." Yu Hao said firmly. You don't know him very well. "We feel like old friends at first sight, which is deeper than a hundred years of friendship."

"Others can, but Brother Yao can't." Yu Hao said firmly. You don't know him very well. "We feel like old friends at first sight, which is deeper than a hundred years of friendship." "I hope.." Not that I wish, but that I must. Settle down and be patient, girl, you must have faith, I believe he will not lose. I can't leave you behind. Yu Hao is full of confidence: "Since you like him, you should have confidence in him." "But." "No, but." What did you say? If you say anything else, you'll put your mouth shut. The big fellow in the tree sounded a warning. Yao Wenzhong escaped ten miles away in one breath. He had already taken the incense antidote captured from the Black Dragon Gang killer. Used by this group of people The nature of the poison is similar to that used by the Black Dragon Gang killer, but the detoxification function is slightly worse. No one can catch up with him. He has used the method of hiding. Running away, he tried to avoid getting out of the woods and grass, so as not to be seen and exposed. Finally, he lurked in a weedy gully, and his mind gradually returned to Pure Brightness. These bastards are so poisonous. He talked to himself. A five-inch-long thin poison needle with a groove was pulled out from under the flanks, and the needle was gray-blue. Color, guess may be a paralyzing poison needle, shot also not to kill. It is the overbearing weapon to capture alive. I have to think about who is counting me. He put away the poison needle and meditated. I can't sort it out. But he knew that it would never be the killer of the Black Dragon Gang. He stopped thinking, worked for a while to regain his strength, and then sneaked away to find a small village to fill his stomach first. Son, prepared a five-inch long twig, identified the orientation of Xiaofo Ridge, and walked back through the forest. Tianlong Zen Temple is built at the foot of the mountain on the right,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, and the place he is going to now is the foot of the peak on the left. With his experience and Ben. Yes, he knew that the foot of the peak was the most densely wooded and inaccessible, and that it was a good place for gangsters to hide. He didn't want to hurt the innocent until he had identified the gangsters. Go far to the foot of the mountain, around the southwest peak waist, then climb up the tall tree, calm down and carefully search for suspicious things with your eyes. It took him nearly half an hour to jump down from the tree and tuck in the hem of his gown and cover his mouth and nose with a green waist handkerchief. Now, he is also a masked man. Stealth paragraph by paragraph, he is like a snake creeping in the grass to feed pigs. Deep in a small forest, this place is a hill above the foot of the mountain. From a commanding position,lutein eye complex, you can clearly see the scenery at your feet within five or six Li It is the most ideal location for surveillance posts. It was nearly noon, and he had wasted a lot of time. As expected, there was someone, but unfortunately it was not the person he was looking for. Under a big tree, two young married women lean against the tree to sleep, the breast augmentation slender waist posture is attractive, the face is also beautiful enough, the dark green strength outfit In the weeds, it is not easy to find if you don't get close. Not far from another tree, hidden behind another girl, can only see the graceful figure, dark green strong dress appears curve. Tempting. Because of the embroidered handkerchief, it is impossible to estimate from the hairstyle whether it is a young girl or a young woman. Look at the scene. The girl is concentrating. God, watch what's going on down there. Like an invisible ghost, he silently arrived at the side of the two young women, raised his hands and fingers, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,ghana seed extract, and first made the two women's jade pillows. Faint acupoint. Not far away, the girl in charge of surveillance was unaware. Seeing the two women's swords stuffed in their belts, he moved in his heart and involuntarily pulled one out gently. It is a woman's sword, light in weight, narrow in edge, and gorgeous in ornament. I'm playing with it. I haven't decided whether to use the sword or not. His father's nickname is Magic Sword. He has a family background, and he is better than others, which is enough to be called the devil in the devil. In the past, he never intended to I've got a sword to wear, but I always think it's better not to use a sword. It's not a good thing to kill people with a sword. Now, it's time to solve the problem with a sword. Huh? If you don't kill, you'll be killed! Just as he was about to resign, the little jade knot of the sword spike suddenly touched the target and made a slight sound. Coincidentally, the girl in charge of surveillance just looked back at her companion. What a beautiful face, what bright eyes. Eh! You The girl exclaimed in surprise. I've been here for a long time. "What are you doing, little girl?" He said, a little out of shape, through the veil. The girl is stupefied, use left hand to hit the hand type immediately: Stretch food, in two fingers, point to the day, point to the right bosom of oneself towering again. He cried out in his heart that it was terrible, and the other party was waiting for him to return his hand to show his identity. Hoping to muddle through, he also stretched out two fingers of his left forefinger. Pointing to each other again, hoping that the blind cat will meet the dead mouse. At the same time, he took three steps forward. A blind cat can't touch a dead mouse. The girl drew her sword quickly. He no longer hesitated and threw the sword out of his hand. The girl did not fall for it and dodged. The sword was unsheathed. This flash fell into his calculation. Quick, say fast really fast, the girl's sword unsheathed, flash not stop, suddenly found him already standing in front of, reach out to the previous phase. About thirteen or fourteen paces away. How did you suddenly get close? As soon as the sword was about to point out, his right forearm was clasped by him. Don't scream, girl. His right hand was across the girl's throat, and she couldn't make a sound even if she wanted to. Wrapped in a small boot with an iron tip, he kicked him in the shin, and the girl's reaction was amazing. You kick like a horse. He said that if the girl was as far away as possible, her feet would naturally be empty. Five fingers tight, the girl can't stand it! His left hand pinched his pulse desperately, and his sharp nails were like iron claws. But his pulse was as strong as steel, and it was so tough that his nails were like clasps on a steel plate, which was useless. And they scratch people, like cats. He said, five fingers added half a point of strength. "Uh.." The girl finally lost her resistance, almost fainted, her hands and feet were soft, her bright eyes turned white, and her tongue stretched out. He put three fingers between the girl's ribs, loosened his hand, held the girl and placed her under the tree, waiting for the girl to return to her original state. The girl felt stiff all over and vomited several times. She couldn't vomit any food. She probably hadn't had lunch yet. Listen, girl. "I want to know where you come from and what you are doing here,saw palmetto extract," he said softly. You are the most Don't shout, because I'll knock your cherry out of the way at once, and your accomplices down there are too far away to hear. Your cry. 。