To be a wife

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"Don't bully me anymore." He understood that as long as he fought against her, his brain and body would be powerless to fight back and be slaughtered by her. Um.

"Don't bully me anymore." He understood that as long as he fought against her, his brain and body would be powerless to fight back and be slaughtered by her. Um. Just a little bit of bullying, okay? "No." "A little bit." "No." Chuchu dawdled shamelessly in his arms like a cat, scratching his waist with his little hands, moving pitifully, "Wang Ye.." Xiao Jinyu was scratched by her all over the body weak, only a little strength was also melted, the body was pressed by her unable to move, in addition to begging for mercy there is no way, "good, good." Whatever you want, whatever you want. "I knew you were the best!" Only then did Chuchu hold him tightly and stick him in his arms contentedly. "I really know how good you are." I won't bully you! "Didn't you just bully me." Chuchu blinked his eyes and his little hand climbed up his waist again. "Really?" "No, no." Chuchu couldn't help kissing Xiao Jinyu's flushed face. "Wang Ye, Master is right. You're so good that you don't even know your last name!" Xiao Jinyu doesn't sound like he's praising him. "Wang Ye, I will study hard for my master in the future and become as good as him!" "Don't.." This is the best way now, "Xiao Jinyu added sincerely." Really. " If you continue to learn from Lengyue, you won't be able to live. Chu Chu frowned in embarrassment and muttered, "Master also said that he would teach me a new massage method." If you don't want me to learn, then forget it. "This can be learned." "Really?" "Really." "Well.." Chuchu lay obediently in his arms, hesitated for a moment,empty cosmetic tubes, and then said, "Wang Ye, I want to admit a mistake to you." "Hm?" What else did she do besides almost scaring him to death. "I don't think the last autopsy was right." I have to check it again. "Why is the test wrong?" Chuchu buried his head in his chest, "just thinking you don't like me." Xiao Jinyu does not know whether to laugh or cry, this can not blame her, oneself is not the same, "how do you know the test is not right?" "I thought it was suicide at that time,cosmetic plastic tube, but then Master told me that she knew one of them and asked her to send something to her sweetheart two days before she died. I thought it might not be suicide, but I was wrong." Master also said that all three of them seemed to be wounded soldiers. She had seen them when she was helping with the medical account. I had to take a closer look to see if there were any injuries that I hadn't seen. Xiao Jinyu gently nodded, a "good" word has not yet come out, suddenly remembered what is not right, "wounded soldier?" "Well, it's not badly hurt." Xiao Jinyu's heart sank for a moment, and after a few twists and turns, he did not attend to the most important thing. Chuchu, help me up. "You haven't taken your medicine yet. Where are you going?" "Medical account." "To see a doctor?" Xiao Jinyu sighed silently, "you go to examine the body again, I go to see if Jing Yi is still alive." 74 Roast Whole Lamb (10) As soon as Xiao Jinyu approached the medical tent, he heard a burst of shouts in the medical tent. Fuck off! Fuck off! Get out! Get out of here! Fuck off "Get out!"! If you don't get out, I'll stew you tonight! The bodyguard's whole body tightened, and his hand pressed the handle of the knife and flashed from behind Xiao Jinyu to the front, empty lotion tubes ,plastic packaging tube, listening warily to the movement in the tent. …… Slap him! Pump hard! "You mountain cannon, don't hit the head." Slap your thighs! Get out of my way! Looking at Xiao Jinyu's light face, the bodyguard whispered, "Wang Ye, go in and have a look." "Don't worry, wait." "Yes." Xiao Jinyu is not in a hurry, but the more the people in the medical account scold, the more anxious they are. Where are you going.. Come back! Get your ass back here! "If you don't ***ing listen, I'll sleep with your wife!" The bodyguard couldn't listen any more, "Wang Ye." Xiao Jinyu finally nodded. The guard flashed in. "Stop!" The voice has not settled down, the person is silly in the same place. A curtain of people wrapped in bandages in various places was surrounded by three layers inside and three layers outside. In the innermost circle, three people knelt side by side, each holding a broom seedling in his hand, blushing and pulling desperately a few dung beetles who were trying to roll dung balls. A young man with a thick bandage on his head pouted his round buttocks on the ground, his face was purple with anxiety, and he pulled a dung beetle that obviously deviated from the track without raising his head. "Can't stop.." This son of a bitch won't even go to the right path! Look, look! Right now This one will be here soon. This one again. As soon as someone called out, the bodyguard, who had no sense of existence with a baby face, was immediately regarded as air by the people in the tent, and all the people's eyes "brushed" and cast them all to the dung beetles. Hurry up! Get out! Get out! Win, win, win.. Win! "Alas.." Why is it him again? Cheers mixed with sighs, I heard a man full of smiles, "accept, accept, willing to gamble and admit defeat, willing to gamble and admit defeat.." Nearly 70% of the people, with a sad face, knelt down at a cross-legged man sitting on the ground in the middle of the crowd and kowtowed in unison, reluctantly but still neatly and loudly, and shouted with a long drawl, "Grandpa.." As soon as the worshiper touched his forehead to the ground, a few cold coughs suddenly came from the tent door. The bodyguard half lifted the door curtain, Xiao Jinyu sat in the doorway, from his point of view can clearly see the face of the man who was surrounded in the middle to enjoy the mountain call grandpa, in fact, do not look at him also know, in addition to Jing Yi, no one else dare to do this kind of gathering gambling dung beetle in the camp of Lengpei Mountain. Seeing Xiao Jinyu's smiling face, Jing Yi stood up from the crowd, and his legs and feet were so quick that he was sorry for the thick bandage wrapped around his calf. While everyone's eyes were focused on Jing Yi, the bodyguard dodged out, dropped the curtain,metal cosmetic tubes, and pushed Xiao Jinyu away, moving quickly and lightly, as if the two men had never appeared at the door of the tent.