The second sex

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Childbirth mean very different things in different situation: that mother wishes to preserve this lovely and precious body that is a part of her self, but also wish to get rid of this intruder; she hopes that her dream will finally become a reality in her, but fears that the realization of

Childbirth mean very different things in different situation: that mother wishes to preserve this lovely and precious body that is a part of her self, but also wish to get rid of this intruder; she hopes that her dream will finally become a reality in her, but fears that the realization of motherhood will bring new responsibilities. Both desires predominated, but she often fretted between them. She also tends to be half-hearted in the face of this disturbing disaster: she wants to prove to herself and those around her — her mother, her husband — that she can get through it alone, but she also hates the world, life, and her family because of the pain she suffers and because she is so dissatisfied that she remains passive. Women with independent personalities — housewives or manly women — will be willing to take the initiative when labor is imminent or even at birth; those with very childish personalities will be passive because they have been entrusted to midwives or mothers; some will be proud of not crying and howling; and some will refuse to obey any command. In short, we can say that through this crisis, women show their fundamental attitude towards the world in general, towards their becoming mothers: they may be hard-working, fatalistic, demanding,Flush Retrofit Kit, domineering, rebellious, passive, or nervous. These psychological tendencies can have a huge impact on the whole process of pregnancy and the difficulty of childbirth (of course, childbirth is also affected by purely physical factors). It is interesting to note that women,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, like some female domestic animals, need help in performing the functions assigned to them by nature. Some peasant women living in difficult environments and unmarried mothers who are ashamed to see others give birth alone, but their actions often lead to the death of their babies and the incurable illness of their mothers. Woman is dependent even in the realization of her feminine destiny: which proves once again that in human beings it is impossible to separate completely the functions of nature from those of man. Under natural circumstances, the conflict between the interests of the female individual and the interests of the species is so intense that it often causes the death of the mother or child: It is because of human intervention, medical or surgical, that the misfortunes of the past have been reduced or almost eliminated. The technique of anaesthesia greatly invalidates the biblical phrase: "Thou shalt bear children in sorrow"; the adoption of this technique, already common in the United States, began to be widespread in France; the adoption of this technique became obligatory in Britain as a result of the law passed in May 1949. It is also difficult to determine the extent to which women's suffering is relieved by the use of this technique. In fact, the time of delivery varies from two or three hours to 24 hours, Flushometer valve ,stainless steel shower tray, which can not be generalized. For some women, childbirth is a form of martyrdom. Such was the case with Isadora Duncan; her entire pregnancy was spent in vexation, and her labor pains were compounded by psychological barriers. She wrote: Let's say the Inquisition in Spain! No woman who has given birth to a child would be afraid of such a trial. By comparison, this is just a mild game. Ruthless and cruel, knowing that there was no escape but no mercy, this terrible invisible spirit grasped me tightly and tore my flesh and blood apart in a continuous convulsion. People say that the pain will soon fade away. All I could say was that if I closed my eyes, I would hear my howls and moans again. On the contrary, some women think that this kind of torture is easier to bear. A few people derive carnal pleasure from it. Steckel's patient, mentioned earlier, wrote in her own account that she was so sexually active that childbirth was a sexual act for her. She felt highly excited and nervous when a very attractive nurse came to bathe and rinse her. Some women say that childbirth makes them feel creative; they do volunteer for this productive task. Many people, on the other hand, feel passive — an instrument of suffering. The initial relationship between the mother and the newborn also varies from person to person. Some women suffer from a feeling of emptiness: they feel that their treasure has been stolen. "I am the beehive, and the swarm has left me," wrote Zhaisir Sauvage, and "He was born, and I lost my dear little one, and now he is born, and I am alone." However, all young mothers feel a great curiosity at the same time. To be able to see and hold a life that grows in one's own body and is born by oneself is a miracle that has never been seen before. But what was the mother's role in the extraordinary event that brought a new existence into the world? She doesn't know. Without her, the newborn would not exist, but he left her. She was very depressed when he was born and cut off from her. And she's almost always disappointed. The woman wanted to make the new man truly hers, as her hands were truly hers; but his feelings were firmly sealed by him, he was opaque, inaccessible, self-contained; she did not even recognize him, because she did not know him. She went through the pregnancy alone: she had no common past with this strange little thing. She hoped that she would be able to get acquainted with him at once; but he was a newcomer, and she was surprised at the coldness with which she accepted him. In her pregnant fantasy, he was a mental figure with infinite possibilities, and the mother was thinking about enjoying the future of motherhood; now he was a limited little individual, and staying there was actually-dependent, delicate,stainless steel toilet, demanding. The genuine pleasure of his come at last was mingled with that regret that she had discover that he was nothing more. After giving birth, many young mothers reestablish an animal-like bond with their babies by nursing; this is more tiring than pregnancy, but allows the nursing mother to prolong her vacation and enjoy the peace and fullness of pregnancy. Colette Audry said of her heroines:.