The Queen's train, Bucksie

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Sihan pressed Siyun to roll for a long time and took Siyun to take a bath. Carefully cleaning below, two people are red and swollen chrysanthemums, Sihan and Siyun look at each other plaintively, Sihan sniffles or holds Siyun to give her careful cleaning. Xiao Siyun took the bath ball and

Sihan pressed Siyun to roll for a long time and took Siyun to take a bath. Carefully cleaning below, two people are red and swollen chrysanthemums, Sihan and Siyun look at each other plaintively, Sihan sniffles or holds Siyun to give her careful cleaning. Xiao Siyun took the bath ball and made a bubble with lines. "Look, does it look like a chrysanthemum?" Sihan has black lines all over his head and face. But as for the bath lotion, both of them tacitly did not use the bottle of apple blossom poured into their bodies. Pai Pai novel forum wonderful clever hand play, reprint please specify Chapter 70 Family Education and Others (VIP) Mr. Shen was very interested in pulling his grandson to play chess for half a night. Some people are more and more sober, some people are more and more dizzy. Shen Haoyan is the latter. Mr. Shen's chess style is very similar to his own impression. His appearance is not surprising, and every move is obviously gentle. However, the deeper he goes, the more fierce the placement of the chess pieces becomes. Shen Haoyan's small white pieces look more and more timid on the chessboard. The old man hangs a horn. Is there an advantage now? The old man looked at Shen Haoyan with a little smile. Shen Haoyan thought about paying for a long time and broke in. No That's honest. Grandpa Zhengzi. Neither do they, same. But little Siyun's heart looks. I don't know. Shen Haoyan moved. Uncertain.. Shen Haoyan smiled helplessly,stainless steel needle valve, "it's our fault." The old man invaded and disappeared. Little Siyun doesn't know that you're staying here like this. It's better to think of ways to get in touch with each other when you're sad. Shen Haoyan broke up the chess. She won't touch us. The old man looked at the chess. She contacted Rong Xiaofeng. Shen Haoyan wrote a vulgar hand. Confused for words. The old man's shoulder invaded. I really want to see who this little flower belongs to. The old man smiled kindly. Shen Haoyan killed his eyes. Exhale, "I know." The old man took the lead. Make a mistake and admit it. The old man looks like an old man. Shen Hao is short of breath. Face suffocate into bitter gourd, admit a mistake is admit a mistake, how can let her forgive. The old man asked for chess. Xiao Siyun's heart is not bad. He is a kind child. Shen Haoyan recorded another vulgar hand. You can pretend! She is kind ! She should not be too hard-hearted. ! The old man's long chess. Smile, no words. Shen Haoyan destroyed himself. It's all mushy. The old man settled down. Silly boy,brass tube fitting, you deserve to be eaten by little Siyun. Like Siyun? "Yin's father leaned back in his chair.". Yin Luze gave a "grace". Why do parents like to talk to him about emotional problems in such a posture? Dad is, and so is grandpa. But when Yin's father said this, there was no movement, and for a long time he asked, "Who else?" How do you say.. Yin Luze did not speak for a long time. Yin's father himself said, "Oh, I understand." Why don't you invite Siyun to play? Ow, Yin Luze's heart is turbulent, 14 tube fitting ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, he thinks, he thinks, but how can Siyun come! "Just say I invited you." Yin's father smiled and was with the old God. Yin Luze looked at his father, his father looked at him, smiling tacitly. Very harmonious. Luo's father said, "I haven't seen Yu Fei to play recently." "She's busy." Luo Tian is right on the finger. Father Luo's lips were hooked. "All right." Luo Tian leaned back in his chair. I appreciate Siyun very much. But don't think about it any more. Luo's father patted Bo Luotian with a little regret. Is it obvious? Luo Tian leaned there and closed his eyes. The eyeballs are almost on the body of others. Song Siyun is not something you can afford to play with. Don't think about it. Luo Dad's meaning is that you are playing around outside. I know and I don't want to care as long as you wipe the PP clean. But Song Siyun is not an object you can play with casually. You'd better put away the color heart and hide the color courage. Luo Tian is so sad that I still play with her. Can you let her play with me? Luo Tian's weak hum looked modest and prudent, but in fact he was a naked pig who was not afraid of being scalded. Luo Tian and Wang Yulin now have a very delicate balance, who did not mention the dissolution of the engagement, but everyone knows that Luo Tian's meaning is very clear, I hope you can think about it, Wang Yulin and Luo Tian did not tear their faces as if nothing had happened, but ultimately told Luo Tian that I would think about it. Before removing Wang Yulin, he tried to play with Luo Tian about Siyun. Siyun didn't hate Wang Yulin very much, and of course he didn't like it, but Wang Yulin could be said to appreciate Siyun very much. Wang Yulin was rational and smart enough. First of all, Luo Tian wanted to break off the engagement with her. Although it was related to Siyun, it was certainly not related to Siyun. Secondly, Wang Yulin will not fall out with Siyun, whether from personal or family or background. So Wang Yulin will not have a hard time with Siyun, nor will it hinder her appreciation of Siyun. Besides. Luo Tian wants to break off the engagement with Wang Yulin. Although there is the provocation of Siyun. But it can only be said that Luo Tian's exquisite heart is not bad. So Luo Tian didn't want to think about Wang Yulin very much, and Siyun alone filled his exquisite heart. Big head. Yin Luze was very obedient to his father's orders and came to invite Siyun the next day. Siyun looked at Yin Luze like this, meaning that your father invited me for what reason? Yin Luze was obviously very prepared. He said that his father had a very good relationship with Song Qicheng. This invitation to Siyun was just to see his old friend's daughter again, and Yin wanted to meet Siyun. It's interesting, but it's not a lie. As Yin Baicheng's eldest brother, Yin's father also came to the United States to study before that. In this way, he had to have contact with the Song family. Of course, he had a good relationship with Song Qicheng at the same age. When Yin Baicheng also set foot on this land, he had contacts with Song Siyuan. It's really interesting. Siyun lowered her eyes slightly and remembered the few eyes that had been casually swept during the banquet, as well as the old men who had been pulled out by them at any time to bluff people,hydraulic fitting supplier, and smiled slightly, "I will go with Yin Baicheng." "Siyun.." It will be more convenient for us to go together. Siyun still so do not want to contact with their own, Yin Luze heart a gloomy. Siyun went on to write her unfinished homework.