Lord of Xiuzhen Manor

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The main purpose of the cement road is to make all kinds of living materials more stable in the days of the factory and to reach the center of the hotel in France.

The main purpose of the cement road is to make all kinds of living materials more stable in the days of the factory and to reach the center of the hotel in France. Specially laid a road, six will be Cambodian bell guest … You can also choose to take a bus directly from the pier to the top of the mountain. However, for the sake of environmental protection, all transportation vehicles on the island are powered by electricity. To avoid the pollution of Blue Whale Island by fuel exhaust. Visitors who are willing to walk for exercise can naturally walk slowly up the hill along the bluestone path laid in the woods. On the one hand, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ranwei, which is full of trees and flowers. The vegetation on the whole Blue Whale Island has been designed and constructed by Zhang Haiyang. Although there is still a strong smell of construction. But there is already a hint of garden flavor. With such a good foundation, coupled with the continuous infiltration of Reiki, these flowers and trees will grow up slowly in the future according to Dong Jiahua's expectations, and become another factor attracting tourists on Blue Whale Island. Imagine if tourists are tired of playing in the sea, eat and drink enough, they can walk halfway up the mountain in the park to digest food! Think of it as a fairy's enjoyment. Through a forest, Ju Jiahua and Xu Ying came to the hillside above the beach, which was already a greatly changed beach. The beach of Houxian is bare, and the sand-fixing plants that have been planted have not yet become a climate,Nail machine supplier, which looks unstable at all. But now, green plants have appeared on the white beach. It turned out that the sand-fixing plants had begun to grow and were giving full play to their talents. Near the shore, the tall trees transplanted have recovered and are growing vigorously. And by the woods on the shore. The unique huts are already standing among them, waiting for tourists to come. When they open on Blue Whale Island, these unique cabins will become small shops selling snacks and renting surfboards, as well as changing rooms and fresh water showers for tourists. Xixi is also the location of the Blue Whale Island Beach Service Agency,wire nail machine manufacturers, which will provide meticulous service to tourists on the beach. Along the ridge between the harbor and the beach, many pavilions have been built, which mainly allow guests to enjoy the scenery. Sit in the breezy pavilion, make a cup of tea and enjoy the beautiful sunset. It is also a rare enjoyment. After watching the changes on the beach. The two of them continued to walk up the hill, and the great changes they saw satisfied Ben Jiahua, who was very satisfied with the progress of the whole project. Previously, every time Xu Ying went to the island, it was basically a cursory glance. Today is the first time that she was accompanied by Ju Jiahua. Looking slowly at the facilities of Blue Whale Island, it was hard for her to connect with the desolate island she had seen for the first time. Along the way, even Xu Ying, nail manufacturing machine ,Automatic nail machine, who was not very talkative, had countless questions to ask Ju Jiahua, because the great changes in Blue Whale Island really aroused her curiosity. Although the foot of the mountain is only more than 100 meters above sea level from the top of the mountain, in order for tourists to walk more comfortably, the bluestone path is basically winding, and the slope is basically close to zero. So for a short distance, most of it is a slow walk in the woods. It's a lot more flavor. Period. They also met many workers who were laying pipelines, installing street lights and placing stone benches and tables. Now the interior and exterior decoration of Blue Whale Island has entered the most tense stage. These auxiliary facilities have entered the final installation. After a long walk, they reached the hotel's central venue on the hillside, where there was no sign of the previous Zen desolation. In front of the hotel is a square of about 1000 square meters, which is a music fountain square, and now workers are busy installing pipelines on it, waiting to be ready before opening. In the future, when the hotel holds various activities on special holidays or weekends, this music fountain square will be a very important place for activities. Now that the exterior wall decoration of the hotel is basically over, Jujiahua sees that workers on the roof are installing photovoltaic panels under the guidance of technicians from Xinjie Company. These photovoltaic panels will be a powerful complement to the wind turbines on the mountain and a major part of the power supply of Blue Whale Island. The interior and exterior decoration materials of all the buildings on Blue Whale Island are made of environmentally friendly materials. After the decoration is completed, you can move in without any delay. The building will basically become the reception center and office space of Blue Whale Island, and the main accommodation for tourists in the future will be in villas of different shapes. Of course. Facilities such as massage parlors, saunas, cafes, gyms, restaurants and various ancillary facilities will also be integrated into the building, so that visitors can receive the most comfortable here. Service. Knowing that Ben Jiahua is coming today, He Lei, Fu Rongrong and Zheng Hai are already waiting at the door of the hotel, ready to report to Feng Jiahua on the preparations for the hotel during this period and the next work arrangements. Ben Jiahua took Xu Ying to the villa area that had been designated for the two of them to live in, while he followed Zheng Hai into the hotel building. Now the main company of Blue Whale Island has been set up. So people come and go in the building. People are very curious, a few, who is the young man who is accompanied by the boss? B: Sweat. There was a problem with the network last night, so I had to get up in the morning to update it! Sorry, everyone! Xiuzhen Manor Lord Chapter 294 Mountain Climbing in the Morning 50001949 chapter 3294 mountain climbing in the morning After listening to the report of Zheng Hai and others in the meeting room, Gong Renhua finally had an intuitive understanding of the current situation of the small mole whale island in Tongchuan. After all, some time ago, we paid attention to the progress of all the projects through telephone and fax documents,Nail machine manufacturer, so it is inevitable that there are some omissions. Just now, Feng Jiahua had a superficial understanding of the situation on the main island through a cursory look, and then listened to the report. That's much more intuitive. 3shardware.com