Facelift Surgery To Get Rid of Anti-Aging Signs: Dr. Kiranmayi Atla

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Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Kiranmayi Atla performs all varieties of facelift surgeries. Visit the clinic today to learn more.

Make an appointment with Dr. Kiranmayi Atla at Beauty The Cut to have the best facelift surgery in Faridabad. To lessen the effects of ageing on their faces, many people choose to get a rhytidectomy or facelift surgery. This process provides a thorough rejuvenation of the face and neck by removing ageing symptoms. Skin sagging, jowls, neck folds, double chins, fine lines, folds, and wrinkles on the face can all be treated with a facelift. An incision is made along the hairline and the ear during a facelift operation, which is done under general anaesthesia. The skin envelope is then raised, the muscles in the face and neck are tightened, and the skin is redraped.