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The make-up tricks that meet you late, are easy to learn, and are recommended for novice collections!

On the road of makeup, who hasn't had tears in their eyes? How long does it take to go from handicapped to advanced master? This time, I have sorted out some makeup tips, from base makeup to full makeup, all in one go. The point is, there are many makeup tips that are not well known to novices, but are well known to all makeup artists in the industry. Don't talk nonsense, take out your small books, because the following are all dry goods.

base makeup,one of the foundation makeup tips
1. Don't blindly ask for white color, choose the color that is closest to your skin tone, otherwise there will be a false face. When testing the color, apply the foundation on the junction of the jawline and neck, and choose the color that blends with the skin tone the most and is the most natural.
2. If the sides of the nose and the lips are easy to get stuck, avoid the problem areas first, and after applying the foundation makeup on other parts of the face, use the beauty egg to press the remaining foundation on the lips and the sides of the nose to even out the skin tone.
3. Add a small amount of liquid highlighter to the liquid foundation. After mixing, apply it on the face to brighten the skin tone and create a translucent base makeup effect for Korean girls.
4. If the skin tone is uneven, such as large areas of dullness or redness, use a color concealer to correct the skin tone before applying foundation. Green modifies redness, purple modifies dullness, and orange modifies dark circles under the eyes. Use a beauty egg to pat it off before applying base makeup.

5. Where the tear trough and nasolabial folds are obvious, you can use a light-colored concealer to brighten.
6. Gently pat the concealer open until the edges merge with the foundation.

7. Girls with dry skin can choose a moisturizing makeup setting spray. After the base makeup is completed, spray it all over the face, so there is no need to worry about the obvious powder feeling. Or use a loose powder brush, dip in the loose powder, remove excess powder, and swipe on the face, the makeup effect is clear and natural, and it is not easy to get stuck.

8. Girls with oily skin can use the powder puff, which has a strong ability to grasp powder. After dipping in the loose powder, rub the powder puff with your hands to evenly powder, and then press on the face to set the makeup.
eye shadow
9. For swollen eye blisters on single eyelid, avoid pearlescent primer, which will make it more swollen. Choose a matte or earth tones as a base, then focus on the end of the eye. The eye makeup of the single eyelid should try to ignore the swollen upper eyelid, which can brighten the lying silkworm, let the eyes focus on the end of the eye and the lower eyelid, and ignore the swollen eyelid.
10. Eye shadow color matching formula: base color, accent color, brightening color.
11. Be sure to draw inner eyeliner, which will make your eyes look bright. Novices can choose a good eyeliner pencil. For daily makeup, brown eyeliner is recommended, the color is natural, and the black is a bit stiff.
12. Single eyelid can draw half-shaped eyeliner, elongate the end of the eye, and draw eyeliner with eyeliner or brown eye shadow.
13. After curling the eyelashes, use the eyelashes as a primer first, so that the eyelashes can be curled and not collapsed all day long.
14. The mascara paste that has just been opened is relatively moist. Before using, use a tissue to rub off the excess paste on the brush head so as not to brush out the fly legs.
15. Highlights are brightened, with a visually popping effect, usually on the forehead, brow bone, lip peak, bridge of the nose, the triangle of the apple muscle under the eyes, chin, and nasolabial folds can also be brightened with highlights.
16. Champagne highlights are not picky, very versatile and friendly to black and yellow skins.
17. If your lips are dry, apply lip balm before going to bed, and you will improve a lot if you stick to it.
18. Avoid oily lipsticks before applying lipstick, which will affect the texture of the lipstick.
19. Don't fill in the brows, draw them lightly and then sweep them away with a brush. Make sure that the brows are shallow and the brows are deep and there is a natural transition.
20. It is easy to get started with eyebrow powder. Girls with complete eyebrows can use eyebrow powder to fill in the color, but it is not easy to outline the delicate eyebrows. The eyebrow pencil can draw the effect of clear roots, and the color is very natural.