The Best Thermal Paper Rolls in Canada

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Thermal paper rolls are used in cash registers, POS systems, and credit card terminals in various sectors such as retail, gaming, catering, financial, hospitality, government, etc. 

Thermal paper is a special kind of paper with an invisible chemical coating that gets activated when subjected to heat from a thermal printer. This causes the formation of a high-definition image on the paper. Thermal papers are more convenient and easy to use than regular paper. 

We Sell Top-Quality Thermal Paper Rolls
Thermal papers have become all the rage in today's world, from sales receipts and package labels to other POS verticals. We are Master Distributors, and we're the leading wholesalers and distributors of papers, custom labels, and POS hardware. 

You can also find top-quality thermal papers on our official website and fulfill all your POS printing needs. Our thermal printing papers are ideal for producing adhesive labels and cash register rolls. 

How is Thermal Paper Better than Ordinary Paper?
Businesses from diverse niches across the world use thermal paper rolls due to their ease of usage, cost-effectiveness, and precision. Thermal papers are used on a 
daily basis and increase productivity in POS functions. The thermal paper also doesn't jam as normal paper does. These are the benefits of thermal paper over ordinary paper:

● UV resistant
● Oil and water resistance
● Easy to use and align
● High readability 
● High-definition image