Use and operation method of portable alcohol tester

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Mainly wrote the scope of application of the alcohol tester, the monitoring principle and use, and the use of the alcohol tester to avoid drinking and driving.

Purpose of alcohol tester

Can be used to determine whether you are driving under the influence of alcohol. There are usually two ways to detect drunk driving: one is to detect the blood alcohol concentration of the human body, and the other is to detect the breath alcohol concentration. Theoretically, the most accurate way to judge whether you are drinking and driving is to check the driver's blood alcohol level. However, it is often unrealistic to draw blood on the spot in the handling of illegal acts or routine inspections of road traffic. The simplest and most feasible method is to detect the alcohol content in the driver's breath on the spot.

A breathalyzer is an instrument that detects the alcohol content of a driver's breath. When using the test, the test subject is required to exhale with a blowpipe in his mouth. If the test subject inhales deeply and exhales with moderate force for more than 3 seconds, the alcohol content can be accurately measured. Almost all countries in the world use breathalyzers to test drivers on the spot to determine whether the person being measured is driving under the influence of alcohol. If the alcohol content in the exhaled breath of the driver exceeds the prescribed limit, the device will display, and the traffic police will print the test results to notify the test subject in writing, and ask the test subject to sign on the spot for approval, as legal evidence for the driver's punishment .

It is also possible to use businesses that prohibit drinking to work in high-risk areas.

The function of the alcohol tester

Since 2000, with the gradual introduction of cars into the homes of ordinary people, the number of traffic accidents has also increased sharply, especially the high incidence of traffic accidents caused by drunk driving of car drivers, which has seriously endangered traffic safety and the safety of people's lives and property. Drinking monitoring of car drivers has become very important, so alcohol detectors have emerged as the times require. However, the currently widely used alcohol detectors on the market are basically blowing-type detectors, which are mainly detected by blowing air from drinkers.

High-precision testing of exhaled alcohol content automatically records the test time, with three methods: automatic test, passive test, and timeout alarm. Users can set the alarm concentration of "drinking" and "drunk" by themselves; small and light, easy to store, and newly upgraded high sensitivity Alcohol tester clear, simple and easy to prepare accurate values.

The testing principle of alcohol detector

In theory, the easiest and most feasible way to determine whether it is drink-driving is to detect the alcohol content in the driver's breath on the spot. A large number of statistical research results show that if the subject inhales deeply and exhales with moderate force for more than three seconds, then the exhaled air is the gas from the depths of the lungs, and the alcohol content in the exhaled breath is the same as that in the blood. alcohol content. The subject exhales with a blowpipe in his mouth, and almost all the gas entering the blowpipe is the gas exhaled by the subject. If the gas is fed from a bell mouth, the subject does not touch the bell mouth but blows air on the bell mouth. According to the principle of fluid mechanics, it is equivalent to diluting the alcohol concentration in the breath, and the detected alcohol concentration will be higher than the measured alcohol concentration. The tester's actual breath alcohol concentration is low, and this should be noted.

This newly upgraded high-sensitivity alcohol tester is free to use, and you don't have to worry about drinking and driving again.